Six weeks Post Op - FWB and starting PT

Freedom.  Finally, I am able to get around without crutches, as long as I walk with the boot.   Today is Day 45 Post Op.
Last doctor appointment showed that it is healing well and I received the green light to start light stationary bike riding and swimming.   I haven’t tried walking in a 2nd shoe or [...]

2nd Post Op appointment - moving to PWB

I had my 2nd post op appointment on 9/9.   I had my cast and about 20+ staples removed.  It was ‘only’ 22 days after the operation so I’m was pleased to have it removed.  I was provided a gradual schedule from NWB to PWB, 25% weight on Days 1-5, 50% weight on Days 6-10, 75% [...]

My achilles injury - 3 weeks after surgery

I had a complete rupture of my right achilles tendon playing softball on 7/22.  Unfortunately, due to scheduling  (work and surgical), I was not able to have surgery until 8/18.
After my injury, I went directly to the ER that evening and was placed in a splint with crutches.  The next day, I was able to [...]

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