2nd Post Op appointment - moving to PWB

I had my 2nd post op appointment on 9/9.   I had my cast and about 20+ staples removed.  It was ‘only’ 22 days after the operation so I’m was pleased to have it removed.  I was provided a gradual schedule from NWB to PWB, 25% weight on Days 1-5, 50% weight on Days 6-10, 75% weight on Days 11-15 and then 100%.  My question is if other folks had similar timelines for PWB and do you still use crutches all the way through PWB?

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  1. hey that sounds great 22 days! wow… your moving fast…

    i’m expecting at least 28 days in casts of varying angles and then a boot.

    have they put you in a boot? or shoes with wedges?

  2. Yes, thanks. I feel pretty fortunate that it was only 22 days. I stayed in the original cast the whole time.

    I am in a boot with 3 wedges. i figure as my foot and tendon starts to stretch, I’ll remove wedges as I can comfortably do so.

    But even with the boot, I am still using crutches.

    Hang in there and good luck with your recovery.

  3. Hi Michael,
    I’m assuming you’re in a boot now and still have some heel wedges in?
    I was in a boot immeditely post-op, and allowed to start PWB after my first post-op at day 13. I was told to gradually work up to FWB, starting out at less thean 50% but rather than being given a strict timeline just told to do whatever felt comfortable. I ended up FWB in the boot before week 3 post-op was finished, final heel wedge came out a week later, and 2-shoes at week 6.

  4. Dylan,

    Yes, because my foot can’t be flat, I need the wedges to keep my heel up. Thanks for your response. It sounds like you made good progress quickly. I have been debating myself about the progress I am making and the potential impact long term by moving too quickly. But I think moving at the pace that the body is comforable with makes sense. Thanks.

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