Six weeks Post Op - FWB and starting PT

Freedom.  Finally, I am able to get around without crutches, as long as I walk with the boot.   Today is Day 45 Post Op.

Last doctor appointment showed that it is healing well and I received the green light to start light stationary bike riding and swimming.   I haven’t tried walking in a 2nd shoe or barefoot yet but will need to do that before I start those other exercises.

Also, had my first PT appointment, and the leg reacted well to the stretching with hardly any soreness either the day of or day after.

2nd Post Op appointment - moving to PWB

I had my 2nd post op appointment on 9/9.   I had my cast and about 20+ staples removed.  It was ‘only’ 22 days after the operation so I’m was pleased to have it removed.  I was provided a gradual schedule from NWB to PWB, 25% weight on Days 1-5, 50% weight on Days 6-10, 75% weight on Days 11-15 and then 100%.  My question is if other folks had similar timelines for PWB and do you still use crutches all the way through PWB?

My achilles injury - 3 weeks after surgery

I had a complete rupture of my right achilles tendon playing softball on 7/22.  Unfortunately, due to scheduling  (work and surgical), I was not able to have surgery until 8/18.

After my injury, I went directly to the ER that evening and was placed in a splint with crutches.  The next day, I was able to schedule an appointment with an orthopedist and was immediately switched to a walking boot.  I was able to get around with the walking boot that had wedges on the bottom to elevate the heel.   I was able even to drive by removing the boot while driving and then putting it back on once I arrived at my destination.

After surgery on 8/18, I had been placed in a soft cast.  First follow-up was on 8/24 to ensure there was no infection.  To check the infection, the PA actually just cut a ’window’ in the back of my cast, and was able to cut and pull out the bandages in the surgical area.  There was no infection so that was good news.   The ‘window’ was stuffed with gauze and then just taped back in place.  I have been taking care of it myself by replacing the gauze every 2-3 days.   I have about a 4″ incision with staples and sutures. 

The next appointment is on 9/9 and I will find out if I will be go back to the walking boot or fitted with another cast.  I think I may have the staples and sutures removed at that time as well.

Overall, I have been pretty much pain free after the first couple of days of surgery.   I had nausea for up to about 5-6 days.  Other than the inconvenience of the crutches, I am just looking forward to getting a start on physical therapy.

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