Week 14 & 15 - 2 Shoes & Merry Christmas!

Hi Everyone,

It’s almost past the 14th week of my injury. The fall scare three weeks ago moved my recovery back one week, but I seem to be on track now. I’ve moved into two shoes and is now using one crutch, although I can kind of limp around without the crutch. Physio wants me to use the one crutch to practice walking properly though. The tendon is still very tight and I’m doing a lot of stretches. The muscle atrophy is still significant, but I can almost do a heel raise while sitting down! School starts in 10 days, so I’m hoping to walk without a cane by then, since the campus is quite big and requires significant walking each day. Nevertheless, I’m very happy to be back on two feet!

Best of luck with your recoveries and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.


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