19. Badminton ATR.

Hi Everyone,

I’m Michael and I’ve wandered upon AchillesBlog after rupturing my Achilles’ Tendon. It’s such a great resource and it’s somewhat comforting to know that you’re not the only one out there with this injury.

This is my first time writing a blog so please bear with my writing abilities.

A little about me:

I’m 19 and an university student (from what I’ve been reading  this injury mostly occurs to people around their 30s to 40s). I was quite surprised afterwards about this injury. I’ve never heard of this injury before, and I have never been seriouly injured or gone to the hospital before. I am currently doing an internship at a bank. Although this injury would take quite a chunk out of my internship, the company gave me around 6 weeks of short term disability leave, and I am very grateful for this and the amount of support from my manager and co-workers.

How did it happen?

 I went to a friends church where there are badminton games (quite intense, not your backyard badminton) on Tuesday evenings. Maybe it’s the lack of warm-up stretching or too much exercise the previous few days (hockey + 2 consecutive days of gym), but around half an hour into the game, I was lunging forward to receive a drop shot, and I heard that infamous “pop” and I thought someone had thrown a basketball at my foot. Luckily, another person there had an ATR before and he was able to explain to me what had happened.

To the Hospital:

The ambulance came and I went to ER. I was transferred to the clinic when they realized my injury wasn’t life threatening. The doctor on duty gave me a half-cast and sent me home recommending surgery. The next day I booked an appointment at the fracture clinic. Two days after the injury, I went to the hospital and the doctor at the fracture clinic recommended surgery and I managed to have the surgery that afternoon, after they made sure I didn’t have any food for the anasthesia. The doctor stitched up the tendon and I woke up with a plaster cast.

It’s been 12 days post surgery. I’ve been very grateful for having such loving parents who has taken excellent care of me. I’m also thankful for all my loving family and friends. This injury really made me take a pause from the hectic pace of life and see and be grateful for all the things that you normally take granted for. I definitely will view simple actions such as walking or showering with more appreciation.

Also, I would like to thank this creator of AchillesBlog and all the community members that have contributed their experiences. It really helped to see that you are not alone! Your advices have also helped greatly in taking care of the leg and being more comfortable while recovering.



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