11 weeks post-op

Leg getting stronger every day. Still at PT 3x/week; doing two feet toe raise, blue Theraband, 120 lb. calf lifts, and can balance on the repaired foot for 3 minutes in the green balance pad. I still can’t lift myself on my toes using just the right foot and still can’t walk down stairs normaly [...]

Post-op, Day 3, pm

My first day back at work with no ill effects other than I’m exhausted. Got home a little after 4 pm, looked at the mail, answered some email, had a little dinner, did a second and briefer workout (pushups, shoulder presses and bicep curls) and collapsed on the couch to watch some b-ball. Feel asleep [...]

Post-surgery, day 1.

The nerve block in my right leg seems to still be working because I have not yet experienced any pain. The anesthesiologist said that the block cold last for 24 hours, maybe even a little longer. He seems to be on the money. Getting around on the crutches borrowed from a fellow tennis player who [...]

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