6 months

It’s been a while since I’ve posted but Misty May made me think about letting everyone know that full recovery happens. My ATR was on the Ides of March while downhill skiing, surgery 9 days later. I have been back on the tennis court since August (doubles) and resumed competitive singles in mid-September. My repaired [...]

Post-op, 12 weeks, 5 days

Started jogging on treadmill this Monday in PT. Felt good to be able to propel myself at a pace faster than a brisk walk. The right (repaired) leg is still appreciably weaker than the left, especially when doing toe raises. I can only lift my heel an inch or two using just my right leg. [...]

May 22, Post-op 7 wweks, 3 days

Sorry about the radio silence. Have been very busy. Recovery going very well. Been FWB for 3 weeks now, in 2 shoes since last Friday. PT 3X/wk since May 1. No limp early in day, more limp at end of day when fatigued. Swimming a lot, including kicking with training fins, stationary biking and [...]

Post-op, day 35, back from vacation

On 4/18 I went from the cast into a Velcro cam boot. I thought I would just walk out of the doctor’s office with a slight limp. I guess I must have been smoking something. Sure, I got to walk out with the crutches and instructions to not put more than 25% weight on the [...]

Post-op, Day 15

I finally made it into the pool this evening, cast and all. It turned out to be remarkably easy with my wife’s help and the wonderfully stable Strutter crutches. At my Y you have to go through the shower room to enter the pool. Needless to say, the tile floor was totally wet, as was [...]

Post-op, Day 13

Worked out at my YMCA today for the first time since surgery. Didn’t make it to the pool though because my wife, whose assistance I’ll need, still thinks it’s too soon and has safety concerns about moving around on the wet surfaces with the crutches. Maybe tomorrow. The workout in the fitness center was good. [...]

Post-op, Day 11

Showered without assistance for the first time this morning. No problem. Still used the plastic bag (and Velcro straps to seal it) because I didn’t have time for the cast to dry before work. The doc said that the fiberglass/Goretex cast will dry in about 1/2 to 3/4 hour. He also said that I could [...]

4/1 Doctor Visit

So far it’s been a good April Fools Day, all things considered. Things finally seem to be moving again, slowly but surely, in the bowel department. Ah, life’s often little noticed and overlooked ordinary activities.
Saw the doc. He removed the bandages and splints, looked at the incision and said of his handiwork, “It looks beautiful”. [...]

Post-op, Day 7

Well, it’s a week since surgery. It mostly seems like a month. This is not easy, especially with the cracked rib from Friday and the way the Percocet has completely stopped my digestive system. No more Percocet, plenty more Colace and MiraLax. My first post-op doctor visit is tomorrow morning. I’m hoping for good [...]

Post-op, Day 6

Time for John Adams after a busy day. Took an excursion to Bed Bath & Beyond to buy a shower chair. Then to the supermarket for groceries. Then to a local park for a sunny but chilly crutch walk, Then a shower (plastic bags and tape for the leg). The chair worked very well and [...]