11 weeks post-op

Leg getting stronger every day. Still at PT 3x/week; doing two feet toe raise, blue Theraband, 120 lb. calf lifts, and can balance on the repaired foot for 3 minutes in the green balance pad. I still can’t lift myself on my toes using just the right foot and still can’t walk down stairs normaly with that foot. Outside of PT, I’m able to bike, row, elliptical and swim to my hearts content. I find that in the pool, kicking using small training fins is excellent for both ankle flexibility and building calf strength. I’ve also ventured back ontot he tennis court with my son to put him through drills; I jsut stand on the court feeding him balls. If he happens to hit one back to me I can volley it. I’m not yey ready to start running after balls; that will probably be in another month to 6 weeks. I still have swelling at the end of the day. It usually subsides overnight. All and all, I’m pleased with my progress, as are the PTs and the doc.

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  1. Michael, great timing on your post. I’m about 3 weeks behind you and just got back from my most strenous PT appointment yet. Focused on balancing on my bad foot, two feet toe presses (on leg press machine) and more theraband. I’m glad to see others on the same path.

  2. I am about a week behind you and sounds pretty similar… PT goes well but cant get up on my bad leg without holding some bars.

    I get days I feel real good and do a lot but always get the $%^& swelling. Sometimes if I overdue it… it lasts through the next day.

    We had a bad storm the other day and I did some kind of gallop one legged run grabing my daughters stuff blowing away. I was surprise how fast I moved just cant remember how. Keep going!

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