May 22, Post-op 7 wweks, 3 days

Sorry about the radio silence. Have been very busy. Recovery going very well. Been FWB for 3 weeks now, in 2 shoes since last Friday. PT 3X/wk since May 1. No limp early in day, more limp at end of day when fatigued. Swimming a lot, including kicking with training fins, stationary biking and elliptical trainer. Quite a bit of swelling, especially as the day goes on. Have others encountered the same? Any tips for reducing it. My PT gave me an elastic stocking the helped except my big toe blew up like a balloon - all the fluid got pushed there. Quite painful. Dr. said to forget the stocking. Michael

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  1. Michael,
    Would you humor us with a pic of your normal sized foot with a swollen big toe? All I can picture is a cartoon thumb after someone smacks it with a hammer!

    Seriously, I’ve got the same swelling issues. I blow up pretty good through the course of the day, then shrink back a little with some ice at night. I’m almost back to normal by morning. I’ll have a chance to ask the doc about it in a week or so, but other than being a little unnerving to look at, it doesn’t bother me.

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  3. I’m 8 wks PO. Can you tell me what exercises I should be doing? I only wear my air cast at night and limping around during the day. The longer i have my foot below my heart, the more it swells. I can go the whole day without elevation but at the end of the day, it’s swollen enough that there’s very limited flexibility and requires icing. Is this normal?

  4. Lyndon,

    I’m at 9 wks post-op. I get swelling after excersion, and it goes down quickly once i elevate and ice it. I get the same loss of flexibility as you do.

    You should be doing all the exercises your doc has for you. I think just about everyone at 8 wks can do the ROM excercises and writing the alphabet with your big toe stuff for your ankle. Protocol for doing any kind of strength building seems to vary. My doc gave me rubber tubing to do some very light stregth exercises like the ones on the Eric Berkson MD pdf that you can find on the main site’s PT information.

    Best advice—sift through this site. Use the new google key-word search that Dennis (our hero!) put in and see what has been said about this. Lots of folks wondering what they can be doing at your (and my) stage.

    Chin up! Isn’t it wonderful just to be at the point where you can even DO some exercises! Good luck!

  5. Oh, you bet. It’s great to be able to use your hands (instead of having to holding crutches). Independence again!!

    I’ve heard different things, including a guy who at day 8 had his cast removed and started PT at 14 days. At 8 weeks, he was able to lift his entire weight onto the toes.

    I’m also told by my Chiropractor that I should stay off of it or heavy scar tissue may form.

    My surgeon has given me no information or exercises. I asked if I can do further damage and he says no, but don’t over do it. He told me not to use weights but I can use my own body weight. Very vague. The surgeon hasn’t recommended anything to me. My friend told me that I should go see my GP as the surgeon’s job is not to provide info on rehab. (maybe this is a Canadian thing) I’m seeing my GP shortly.

    Thanks for your info and I’ll do some more research. Even between doctors, there seems to be a large gap in what PT and rehab we should be doing.

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