Post-op, Day 15

I finally made it into the pool this evening, cast and all. It turned out to be remarkably easy with my wife’s help and the wonderfully stable Strutter crutches. At my Y you have to go through the shower room to enter the pool. Needless to say, the tile floor was totally wet, as was the pool deck. But the rubber feet of the Strutters (that must have a surface area of nearly a square foot) handled it well. At no time did the crutches feel like they might slip. I probably wouldn’t want to try it with conventional crutches Once into the pool my wife took the crutches and put them in a corner. With a pull buoy I was able to do a moderately paced 40 laps, easily pushing off with only the good leg. I got out of the pool by hoisting myself onto the edge between two handrails above some recessed steps. I was able to use the handrails to pull myself to my good foot and my wife handed me the crutches.
As I type this, about an hour after getting out of the pool, the cast is just about dry. Being able to swim will make the days until “cast off” on the 18th go a lot quicker. The cast was actually quite protective of my right foot. Now I can start worrying about swimming when the cast comes off and my foot is unprotected. As Roseanne Roseannadanna used to say, “It’s always something!”

3 Responses to “Post-op, Day 15”

  1. michael - good to hear that you were able to swim with no problems. I tried looking for strutter crutches online, but I don’t know if they sell those any more. Let me know if you know of an online shop that sells them. I’ll put it on the main site.

  2. Glad to hear that it worked out well…Now you have no excuses for being a couch potato. Go slow and enjoy your new found freedom.
    Doc Ross

  3. Fantastic! Glad to hear the swimming went well.

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