Post-op, Day 13

Worked out at my YMCA today for the first time since surgery. Didn’t make it to the pool though because my wife, whose assistance I’ll need, still thinks it’s too soon and has safety concerns about moving around on the wet surfaces with the crutches. Maybe tomorrow. The workout in the fitness center was good. Was able to do all upper body machines including the gravitron that I had questions about. Also did left legged leg presses and was able to do leg lifts and hamstring curls with both legs. The cast was very protective of the leg and neither exercise puts any pressure on the Achilles or involves weight bearing. I have noticed some soreness in my left (good) hip which I attribute to overuse of the left leg. Those long crutch walks are probably putting unusual strain on my left hip. I may have to scale back a little. Has anyone else noticed soreness in their good hip while on crutches? If I make it into the pool tomorrow I will report back.

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