Post-op, Day 11

Showered without assistance for the first time this morning. No problem. Still used the plastic bag (and Velcro straps to seal it) because I didn’t have time for the cast to dry before work. The doc said that the fiberglass/Goretex cast will dry in about 1/2 to 3/4 hour. He also said that I could use a hair dryer if i was in a rush. Didn’t feel like making my leg hot with the hair dryer. The single plastic bag leaked a little and the wet part of the cast dried quickly. This weekend at the pool I’ll give it the full test and report back. I’m just happy to know that I’m getting out of the cast and into a boot in 2 weeks from tomorrow. It will enable me to go th Florida on the 19th with my family. For those farther along than me, how difficult is the transition from cast to boot? Is there a period of unsteadiness? How long? In other words, how hard is it to start walking on two feet again? Any feedback will be appreciated.

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  1. Michael - I would be interested to hear how you manage the pool with the crutches..I think Ross is wondering the same thing. I would like to go and get in, but I’ve already had my crutch slip out in the bathroom, and I feel like the tile around the pool/lockerroom is going to be kind of treacherous.

    I am in a boot, but can’t give you any advice on walking, because I’m NWB for another week or so.

  2. Brendan -

    I left a comment for Ross about swimming this coming weekend on Dennis’ blog. I’ll keep everyone posted.

  3. michael - please be very, very careful with crutches. They are notorious for slipping on wet surfaces. I’ve browsed around a lot, and I’ve read countless stories of people hurting themselves from slipping on wet surfaces.

    I slipped once on an icy sidewalk, and ended up stomping the ground with my cast leg to keep from falling. I don’t think I did any major damage to my tendon, but it really hurt.

  4. michael - btw, if there is a wheel chair or a knee walker available, that’s probably a little safer than crutches on wet surfaces..

  5. I plan to be in the pool also as soon as I can. My plan is to ditch the crutches away from the pool, butt crab walk to the edge, and (after checking depth) do a sort of scuba roll into the water. I imagine myself somewhat like an elephant seal bounding into the water on my belly. As for getting out, I’m not sure about that one yet.

  6. Jim - hopefully there is not another male there with you: :)

  7. jim - you gotta have an exit strategy! ;)

  8. Michael - I didn’t find the cast to boot transition difficult at all. But, I started PWB while still in the cast and was able to walk with one crutch right before getting the boot. I was PWB for 2 weeks and then when I got the okay for FWB, I was walking in the boot within a day or two. The boot is extremely steady as it has a much larger base than a shoe. It’s a bit awkward as you start to walk, but you adjust pretty quickly.

  9. Brendan, That had me rolling. It’s exactly the image I had in mind! And Dennis, yes I agree, other than the fire department.

  10. Somewhere on this site I saw a stretching device and now I can’t find it anywhere. It was a blue plastic thing with a rounded bottom that when you put your foot on you can roll it to stretch. It also had the toes pointed a bit up. Thanks. It was probably buried in one of the other blogs. It looked good for rehab and getting a really good stretch after rehab. Has anyone else seen it?

  11. Jim - I think this is the device you speak of. I’ve been intrigued with it, but haven’t purchased one yet. I might have to look into it again now that I’m further along with rehab.

    You can also search for “ProStretch” on Amazon and find it.

  12. Tom, Thank you, that’s it. It looks good, both for rehab and general warming up.

  13. Jim…check my earlier comment today… has it….
    Doc Ross

  14. Thanks Ross, I looked there but missed it. Found it now. There is a lot of great stuff on that site. I want the 84lb weight vest.

    Another question for all. I have been wondering what outdoor exercises may be good to start with. I know running is a long way off. I have been wondering about biking and rollerblading. Biking would not be any impact, and with rollerblades your foot is encased in a boot. I know you skiers cringe (I snowboard so I always bust up my upper body) at the thought, but without the ski attached, there will be far less leverage on the ankle/tendon. So what exercises do you plan on getting started with?

  15. Jim - Go 11 (March 07 ATR) swears by the eliptical for ATR recovery but I have not tried it. He also walked a lot initially then was running. Outside…biking I think after I’m out of the boot and cleared by the doc. My sense would be swimming too.

  16. Michael - I went from 50% PWB with Aircast and crutches to 100% WB no crutches. Adjustment has been okay but decided to bring the crutches on a trip this week to get through airport concourses more quickly. I’m not quick for sure in the Aircast.

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