4/1 Doctor Visit

So far it’s been a good April Fools Day, all things considered. Things finally seem to be moving again, slowly but surely, in the bowel department. Ah, life’s often little noticed and overlooked ordinary activities.

Saw the doc. He removed the bandages and splints, looked at the incision and said of his handiwork, “It looks beautiful”. He felt the AT and commented that it was right where it was supposed to be. Then he removed the staples; felt like a pin prick as he removed each one. There must have been about a dozen.

We then negotiated a little. He wanted to put me into a regular fiberglass cast. I asked, “What about the Goretex and fiberglass?” He asked why I wanted that (although he really knew) and I told him so that I could swim. He said that he didn’t want me swimming yet. I said, “O.K., I won’t swim for at least another week”. He agreed. So I now have this pretty blue (he also offerd white and pink) fiberglass cast with an underlayer of Goretex instead of the usual felt-like material. I may shower with it and it is supposed to dry in a half to three-quarters of an hour. I’ll let you know if that’s real. But the best news of all is that it comes off on 4/18 and I go into a walking boot. And that means that my family and I will be able to make our 4/19 trip to Florida for my son’s school break. I’m happy, my wife is happy, but most of all, my son will be happy (he’s at school now, so he doesn’t know yet.)

Now, if the Yankee’s actually get to play, and win, their home opener, it will have been a fairly excellent day.

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  1. Michael - Glad to hear you were able to negotiate into the Goretex cast. I’m sure your legal background helped with the negotiations!!

    I’d wish the Yankee’s good luck, but they probably don’t need it. My day was made yesterday when my Brewers knocked off the Cubs. Not impressed with blowing a 3 run lead, but a win is a win!

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