Post-op, Day 7

Well, it’s a week since surgery. It mostly seems like a month. This is not easy, especially with the cracked rib from Friday and the way the Percocet has completely stopped my digestive system. No more Percocet, plenty more Colace and MiraLax. My first post-op doctor visit is tomorrow morning. I’m hoping for good incisional healing and to be able to convince the doc to put me in a fiberglass/Goretex cast next week.

Spent a long day in the office and that made the day go faster but now I’m beat. I’ll report back with any news after to doctor tomorrow.

4 Responses to “Post-op, Day 7”

  1. Michael - sorry about the bowel back up…lots of raw leafy greens and plenty of water works for me.

  2. I find a prune or too with a meal worked for me. Nothing explosive mind you, not to mention more potassium than a banana, so it helped (in my mind) with twitchings. I’m feeling much better today. Just got back from the gym and starting tomorrow I will be one week from cast off (I really, really hope that is the case). Brendan, you busted the same day and had surgery the same day and you are in the boot. It makes me incredibly jealous. Good for you. I’ll lift a cold frosty one to the idea of a normal steady gait too. I have been looking for a new pair of shoes online. Probably a new set of trail runners, with a nick thick heel (and a new set of Superfeet insoles, I love those things). I’m going to set the shiny new set by my front door and not wear them until I can wear BOTH at the same time.

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