Post-op, Day 6

Time for John Adams after a busy day. Took an excursion to Bed Bath & Beyond to buy a shower chair. Then to the supermarket for groceries. Then to a local park for a sunny but chilly crutch walk, Then a shower (plastic bags and tape for the leg). The chair worked very well and the shower was a pleasure. Then out to dinner with friends. All in all, a fairly normal day for a guy on crutches and a cracked rib. At this point, the rib is much more annoying than the leg. I’m trying to limit the Percocet because its doing a number on my digestive system. Started taking Dulcolax in an effort to get things moving.

My bracket is pretty good. Have 3 of the 4 in the semis. Was pulling for Davidson to upset Kansas because the only person ahead of me in the pool picked Kansas to win. But he didn’t pick Memphis for the semis. At this point, if UNC wins it all, as I have it, I’ll win my firm pool (60% 0f $850). Go Tar Heels!

I’ll check back in tomorrow. Hope everyone has a good week. Those going to PT, work hard. Those, like me, still NWB, I wish you (and me), patience.

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  1. I forgot earlier to mention my showering strategy. I used garbage bags and elastic straps w/velcro. The straps were ones I normally use to hold my ipod or radio on my arm while running. But, seeing as how there was no running in my immediate future, the straps served a new purpose sinching the top of the garbage bag around my leg. I actually double bagged the plastic garbage bags, just to be on the safe side. Here is the process I used…

    1. Wrapped a small hand towel at the top of my cast (just in case anything leaked in the top).
    2. Pulled plastic bag #1 over the cast and towel and placed a strap around the outside of the bag just below my knee, holding the bag and towel in place.
    3. Pulled plastic bag #2 over bag #1 and sinched this bag with another strap just above my knee.

    I never had any problems with leaks. I used the straps instead of tape because I kept on ripping the bags trying to remove the tape. I hate being wasteful, so I gave the straps a try. Worked perfect!

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