Post-op, Day 5

With the help of the Percocet I was able to sleep alright and make it to the bathroom with out excessive pain from my mishap yesterday. Today the back is sore in the vicinity where it struck the railing but I’ve been able to manage the pain with Motrin. As an experiment this morning, with the Percocet still in my system, I managed to do 40 pushups. However, as I promised my wife, my doctor and myself, I’ve basically been taking it easy today. I did take a half-hour walk on the cutches with my wife to take advantage of the clear but quite cool weather. I see the doc on Tuesday for my first official post-op appointment and I’m sure he’ll inspect the incision; that’s why he put me in a splint and not a cast. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the healing is going well. The faster the wound heals the sooner I can get back in the pool. I hope everyone is having a good weekend and that all of your brackets are intact.

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  1. Michael - glad the rib isn’t bothering you too bad. As far as brackets…mine was busted with UConn losing..I’m orginally from Connecticut. I’m familiar with all the Vermont/NH/Maine ski areas…which mountain decided to detach your AT?

  2. Oops..never mind, I just read your first post, White Face…never been.

  3. Day 3 post op

    The only time I have any pain is when I get up to go to the bathroom or see my little one. Speaking of the BR, I have been constipated for three days, and that NEVER happens to me. I am sure it is the Norco.

    I live in San Diego, and had USD beating UCONN. I have all four # 1’s going to the FF, the first time in years I have picked that.

    Louisville looks to be making a run, though. 54 - 52, wow!

    I am going home tomorrow from the ex’s. No more being waited on. The ex has been incredible for this.

    I am feeling quite swelled today, and I guess I am just going to have to keep it raised for a while longer.

    My Dr. visit is Thursday, although I don’t know what he can see with the cast on.

    Michael, how does it feel after a half an hour walk? Do you keep it somewhat elevated on your walk? I found if I keep it curled up while on crutches the swelling is not that bad.

    Girlfriend wants to take me to the beach tomorrow, but I don’t know about that.

    I bought a cast cover, and will attempt a shower tomorrow. Anyone else have any luck showering? Any tricks?


  4. Mike R,

    You should shower while sitting down either on the shower chair or the bath tub floor.
    You can get a shower chair (or a lawn chair if it fits in your bath tub).

    Read Jim’s recent comment regarding showering.. he has some good tips (and warnings).

    I think others mentioned what they do about showering as well, so search for their posts/comments also.

  5. Mike -

    The crutch walking doesn’t seem to be problem. I basically keep the leg bent behind me. I figure it’s good hamstring exercise. I haven’t had much, if any swelling at all. I’m very good about elevating whenever I’m laying down or even sitting. The walking is not causing any problems and is just great exercise - upper body obviously, the good leg and the upper part of the bad leg.

    I see my doc on Tuesday. Since I just have a splint and Ace bandage, I guess he’ll be able to look at the incision easily.

    I have UNC beating UCLA in the final. So far, so good.

    Have fun at the beach. It’s only 28 degrees here this morning so I think I’ll pass on the beach today.

    HAve a good day.


  6. Michael - Sorry to hear about the fall, although it’s good to hear that the pain meds are helping. 40 pushups with a crack rib is still pretty impressive. Hopefully you were able to enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    Other than a rough first day, my bracket turned out rather nice. 3 of 4 final four teams (damn you Texas!) with UCLA beating UNC. I don’t normally pick 3 #1 seeds, but I just wasn’t impressed with many of the 2-4 seeds this year. Should make for a fun final 4!

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