Post-op, Day 4

Everything was going well until about 4:30 pm when I arrived home. The day started with my morning pushups (did 120) and crunches. Had a good, if abbreviated, day at the office and beat the rush hour home. As I was crutching from the driveway to my front door I have to negotiate a rather high single step up onto my porch. I lost my balance, struggled to keep my right foot elevated and stumbled backwards falling onto the top metal rail of a four foot high fence landing on my side toward my back and probably causing a hairline fracture of one of my lower right ribs. How do I know that? My orthopedist’s office is just down the block. He was there. He examined me. He thinks that’s what it is. It hurts a hell of a lot more than my AT. He told me to use the Percocet that I haven’t been using for the AT. All I can say is s**t! It will probably hurt even more tomorrow. It’s not going to make crutching around any easier. I’ll wait until morning to see how much it affects my ability to do push ups; I’m not optimistic. It looks like I may actually take it easy this weekend after all.

3 Responses to “Post-op, Day 4”

  1. michael - wow, I am very sorry that happened. I am glad that your doctor was close by. I’ve almost fallen backwards once or twice in the house, and it was a scary feeling losing balance like that.

    I hope the pain isn’t great and that you take some time and rest..

    Please keep us posted on your progress. Best wishes.

  2. Well I’ve now learned that the Percocet is a pretty good pain reliever. It’s ironic that I didn’t need it for post-op pain but just for this latest nonsense. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for your good wishes.

  3. michael - damn..that hurt just reading it! sorry that had to happen…hope you have a good weekend!

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