Post-op, Day 7

Well, it’s a week since surgery. It mostly seems like a month. This is not easy, especially with the cracked rib from Friday and the way the Percocet has completely stopped my digestive system. No more Percocet, plenty more Colace and MiraLax. My first post-op doctor visit is tomorrow morning. I’m hoping for good [...]

Post-op, Day 6

Time for John Adams after a busy day. Took an excursion to Bed Bath & Beyond to buy a shower chair. Then to the supermarket for groceries. Then to a local park for a sunny but chilly crutch walk, Then a shower (plastic bags and tape for the leg). The chair worked very well and [...]

Post-op, Day 5

With the help of the Percocet I was able to sleep alright and make it to the bathroom with out excessive pain from my mishap yesterday. Today the back is sore in the vicinity where it struck the railing but I’ve been able to manage the pain with Motrin. As an experiment this morning, with [...]

Post-op, Day 4

Everything was going well until about 4:30 pm when I arrived home. The day started with my morning pushups (did 120) and crunches. Had a good, if abbreviated, day at the office and beat the rush hour home. As I was crutching from the driveway to my front door I have to negotiate a rather [...]

Post-op, Day 3, pm

My first day back at work with no ill effects other than I’m exhausted. Got home a little after 4 pm, looked at the mail, answered some email, had a little dinner, did a second and briefer workout (pushups, shoulder presses and bicep curls) and collapsed on the couch to watch some b-ball. Feel asleep [...]

Post-op, Day 3

Yesterday my wife and son took me on a late afternoon excursion to Costco. I was looking forwar to using one of the electric carts and drag racing down the aisles. The catrs were all in use. I was relegated to a mere wheelchair which I soon tired of. Got up and made why way [...]

Post-sugery, Day 2, early a.m.

Made it through night 2 uneventfully. Actually took the Percocet at bedtime and slept fairly soundly. Made a 4:30 excursion to the bathroom on crutches and was able to fall right back to sleep. Had a little discomfort after awaking and took some Motrin. If I can manage the pain/discomfort with Motrin and avoid the [...]

post-surgery, Day 1, bedtime

All in all not a bad day. Nerve block still slightly working. Took some Percocet at 4 pm upon onset of slight discomfort. Actually went out for a walk with my wife to take advantage of nice weather and get a little exercise. Walked for about 1/4 mile on the crutches. Even stopped by my [...]

Post-surgery, day 1.

The nerve block in my right leg seems to still be working because I have not yet experienced any pain. The anesthesiologist said that the block cold last for 24 hours, maybe even a little longer. He seems to be on the money. Getting around on the crutches borrowed from a fellow tennis player who [...]

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