Two years on….the boots on the other foot (but this time a break)

Well just over 2 yrs since my left achilllies gave up the ghost I find my self wearing a boot again. The good news is it’s for a fracture of my right ankle, which I have to say is so far easier than an ATR. I fell down a single step and felt something crack, [...]

10 months on - from Aircast to ski boot

Its been a funny couple of months.  I was just feeling like I was getting back to normal-ish.  Doing a bit of interval running, being much less aware of the old achilles, wearing my favourite boots to town etc.  Then we had some pretty fierce gales and I made the mistake of [...]

7 and a half months - survived first ski lesson.

Decided to go ahead with a ski lessons after the physio had said I’d be safe, from an achillies point of view, for a ski holiday in January and advised a couple of lessons before the holiday. Any advice regarding specific exercises to improve my experience gratefully recieved.
When I first had this injury in March, [...]

7 month non-op update , Permission to run granted

I know to those of you still in the early days of this injury, 7 months feels like forever! Although it dragged initally, once I got past about 12-14 weeks it seems to have flown.
My walking has appeared quite normal for a couple of months now and I can easily do 3 miles or so [...]

Single Heel Lifts! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!!

Need I say more. Its a single heel lift that a pixie would be proud of, but I am grinning like a Cheshire Cat
Following a satisfying session in the hospital gym yesterday doing  a bit of cardio, some quads, lunges, the catching the ball on the trampette whilst balancing routine etc, the physio [...]

Postcard from Majorca - a guide to exercising in public stairwells

Hi all, Its traditional in the retro world of holiday postcard sending for it to arrive after the sender is home and busy doing the washing, and this postcard is no exception
Have just had a fantastic 10 days on the sunny Spanish isle of Majorca. Weather good, hotel fab, food plentiful (dare not [...]

Unexpected running shock!

On our way out to a party last night, we parked up at the local shops and as I was walking across to the off licence for a bottle of wine the heavens opened, I instinctively picked up the hem of my maxi dress, put my handbag over my head and ran!! About 6 steps [...]

Life in the fast lane

18 weeks non-op. I’ve not posted in a while because since I found my feet and returned to driving life has been a dizzy blur!
The achilles still gives me jip, as everyone says its a slow recovery,  its there as a reminder throught the day which has got to be good otherwise we’d be doing [...]

12 weeks, discharged from the hospital - bye bye crutches

I feel as though I have reached a huge milestone. Several in fact! I came out of the clinic with a huge grin on my face, ditched the crutches in the crutch bin,  got in the car and drove home, made a coffee and carried it to my chair - 3 things that I know [...]

10 weeks - Take your leg on holiday

Ten weeks on and my injured leg seems to have a mind of its own. Its like we are not really related, just attached. Some days I feel great, we go for a walk together, the crutch tags along like a shadow or unwanted annoying dog, but as the walk progresses I find I use [...]