Two years on….the boots on the other foot (but this time a break)

Well just over 2 yrs since my left achilllies gave up the ghost I find my self wearing a boot again. The good news is it’s for a fracture of my right ankle, which I have to say is so far easier than an ATR. I fell down a single step and felt something crack, funnily I was relieved not to hear a pop, I’ve spent the last 18 months being very aware of my good achilllies and looking after it like a kitten.

I’m in a removable boot that I can weight bear as tolerated and remove at night and although I’m fairly house bound at the moment being only 6 days post accident, I feel like I’m streets ahead of the journey I undertook with the ATR.

Good luck to everyone on their journey, this is a great site that I think of warmly. I learned so many things with my ATR, practical advice, patience, awareness and self awareness, who your friends really are… to enjoy enforced chilling.

Best of luck everyone

micah x

2 Responses to “Two years on….the boots on the other foot (but this time a break)”

  1. Oh no, sorry to hear about the break but glad it’s not another ATR for you! I remember your username from 2 years ago as that was around when I ruptured mine as well.

    Get better soon!

  2. took Cipro for UTI. month later achilles tendon ruptured. Anyone tried to sue drug company? This is horrible that so many people are hurt like this. I wish I could some how get the word out to doctors and people not to prescribe this drug. Im 64 and starting my retirement with this cast on. Im scared my other tendon will tare.

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