10 months on - from Aircast to ski boot

Its been a funny couple of months.  I was just feeling like I was getting back to normal-ish.  Doing a bit of interval running, being much less aware of the old achilles, wearing my favourite boots to town etc.  Then we had some pretty fierce gales and I made the mistake of wearing the above boots with a 3inch heel , a big gust of wind blew me sideways and as I stumbled I jarred my ankle and mildly sprained it.  What stupid vanity.  It was achey and sore for a month, the achilles was tender too and some tendenopathy returned.  I stopped running, did plenty of the excercises and it gradually resolved.

The BIG news is that last week I went skiing.  Everyone thought I was completely mad, apart from the physio, who had given me the green light saying the ankle would be quite safe and secure in a ski boot, I would be more likely to damage my knee apparently.  It was my first ever ski holiday and was actually quite comforting to get a boot on again! How strange!  I survived the week, all limbs intact and although the skiing was a bit of an emotional roller coaster, I was delighted that I’d done it, I felt like I’d made a HUGE achievement to learn to ski at the ripe old age of 52 after a ruptured achilles.  It was the weeks spent housebound that had made me vow to experience life to the full and experience new things, so something good has come out of it. :-)

The question is, can I be bothered to start running again? Something to ponder.

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  1. Helllloooo, Micah! Sorry to hear about your temporary set back but thrilled to hear that you were skiing and feeling good! I will give you a standing ovation for learning to ski at 52. I learned in my early 20s and felt like I was a late bloomer. (Actually, still waiting to bloom but that’s another story.) This injury definitely tests you and you have come out with an A+. Great to hear from you. Thanks for the update!

  2. Hi Kellygirl, nice to see you’re still loitering around here occasionally! How are those calves of yours? I hope the running is going well and the achilles is behaving. x

  3. I peek my head in around here every now and again. I’m getting ready for a nine month update very soon. I’ve no complaints at this point. Will you be skiing again this season? We’ve had unseasonably warm winter so no skiing for me this year–unless things change drastically in the next month or so.

  4. Congrats Micah! Bravo on the accomplishment!

  5. Congrats Micah!

    It must have felt great!

    What I did trying to walk was went caveman style, meaning, I walking faster and faster over a few days into I was fast walking to slow jogging (90 year old like). LOL.

    If a particular area hurts, I add exercises for it and consult my PT. I am not pushing through the pain, but instead address the problem as I go along (to run faster…). This way, my PT is monitoring how fast I progress as well.

    I hope that makes sense, and helps.


  6. Brilliant news Micah. I know how you feel about getting your feet back into high-heels :-) But your stumble sounds scarey - it’s that thought of going backwards in the recovery that has made me very cautious about wearing anything high, but it is nice to put some pretty shoes on for a change :-)
    You’ve proved you’re never too old to learn ( I can say this to you, because I’m 50 ;-) )
    Maybe when the weather is better you’ll start running again.

  7. Thanks for the posative comments.
    KG : No I won’t be skiing again this season, the nearest resorts are the Alpine ones (apologies Scotland) and its a dear do! Maybe next year??
    Ron: LOL I have an image of you doing the caveman walk. Yes I intend to get back to running, I’ll give it another whirl when the weather picks up
    Anne and Pamg: thanks for the applause. I think its good to try new adventurous activities…….I’m wondering what next?

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