7 and a half months - survived first ski lesson.

Decided to go ahead with a ski lessons after the physio had said I’d be safe, from an achillies point of view, for a ski holiday in January and advised a couple of lessons before the holiday. Any advice regarding specific exercises to improve my experience gratefully recieved.

When I first had this injury in March, I would never in a million years have thought I’d be skiing in the future let alone the same year, its changed my outlook on life completely, its made me realize that you never know what is round the corner and life is too short not to try things out as you never know what you’re going to enjoy.

To those of you new to the injury, life has not stopped, its only pausing for thought. :-)

5 Responses to “7 and a half months - survived first ski lesson.”

  1. Was that lesson on SNOW?? Where? Indoor carpet-skiing in England?

  2. Indoor on real snow actually! haha….there’s a few places in the uk now, http://www.snowdome.co.uk/ All good fun.

  3. Is this your first time skiing, Micah? If so, congratulations! Every winter, I say I’m going to get in shape for skiing but have yet to follow through on it–I’ll be checking back here for tips!

  4. It is indeed my first time at skiing, and I am by no means in shape! Why are my ribs aching when I thought it would be my legs and knees that were suffering? Its hurting my ribs when I do my heel raises today…..must be those muscles I didn’t know I had :-(

  5. Right on, MIcah! Lol re: the rib soreness. I think it’s because you are doing something new. Reminds me of the time I tried snowboarding. I was SO sore everywhere I could hardly get dressed/undressed the next few days. Sounds like you are fairing better than I was if only your ribs hurt! Good luck!

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