10 weeks - Take your leg on holiday

Ten weeks on and my injured leg seems to have a mind of its own. Its like we are not really related, just attached. Some days I feel great, we go for a walk together, the crutch tags along like a shadow or unwanted annoying dog, but as the walk progresses I find I use the crutch progressively more, sometimes wishing I had taken its cloned twin along too. Its no more than half a mile in total but the disadvantages of living in a hilly city are evident quickly, I have to sit on the bench at the top of the road before I can continue.

Its tinged with mauve, which I have seen others on here mention which is reassuring.  The achilles itself is about 2.5 cm thick and the foot generally swells slightly, sometimes with a little swelling on the inner aspect of the ankle. It is stiff and sore in the morning and evening, but varies during the day and also from day to day. I worry about all of it but its all probably normal.

I had my second physio session this week. Must say I’m quite disappointed with the frequency that I am able to get physio on the NHS with this severe injury. I had a shoulder injury last year and managed to have physio appointments every 2 weeks on the dot, but with this I have had a session at week 7 and then at week 9 and when I was told to book in for the next appointment in 2 weeks, the receptionist gave me an appt for 3 weeks because that was the next one available.  The physiotherapists themselves are great though, and I have assessed that my tendon is almost at the length that it needs to be, my range of movement is good also so have cut out the tendon stretching exercises and introduced ones to stretch the 2 calf muscles, and some supported standing heel raises to rearrange the collogen.

As a reward for the good leg being a good leg I am taking it on a little holiday, the bad leg is allowed to tag along too. Actually its our 24th Wedding Anniversary and we are booked to fly to New York in the morning for 5 days. It was supposed to be a city walking adventure, but we shall be using our unlimited tourist bus passes and those yellow taxis that you see on the tv. We’ve not been before and I’m hoping to still enjoy it, although I’m sure you will all relate to my uncertainty.

I hope you can manage without me for the week, keep blogging as I want to read about your progress when I get back. Micah .

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  1. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! It sounds like a fun trip whether you are walking or riding. HungtheVIet seems to think a little rest and relaxation away from the normal day to day grind is a good thing. I hope you have a great time–see you when you get back. Take care and enjoy :)

  2. Have fun. But HOW do you stretch the 2 calf muscles without stretching the AT at the same time?? I can’t imagine a way (yet?).

  3. Perhaps I got the wrong end of the stick Norm. Basically I have stopped the frequent towel pulling exercise, started the standing calf stretch and also one that I do with my back against the wall with knees bent a bit till I feel the stretch. A variation on a theme it seems.

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