Week 5 - This boot was made for walking

This boot was made for walking…. 20/04/2013

Two plus weeks into wearing the boot. What a relief to be able to put my foot to the floor and not have all my weight on those crutches.  Initially on putting my foot down there was strange firework type pains which lasted a few minutes every time I walked, but this only lasted for the first week.  Also some achilles pain for which I carried on taking the paracetamol and ibruprofen, this improved over the first week and after about 5 days I became pain free, able to get about indoors with  just  one crutch for stability but still hampered by the boot. Then at the end of the week I had to remover a wedge from the heel to stretch out the tendon. Ouch. As you might imagine the pain was back for a couple of days, but its a means to an end!

Sleeping in the boot is a minor inconvenience, yes, I have to physically plan turning over and it feels so heavy especially when trapped by the weight of the duvet, but its only for 4 weeks hopefully.

I’m not allowed to take if off to bathe andI’m going to be totally obedient…..if I’m told to drink dirty vase water to aid healing then I will do so!!

The problem I’ve found is that I’ve needed more information than the minimal amount that I’ve been given. An info leaflet would be a godsend please Northern General Hospital, just something that outlines the current plan, what it will feel like, reassurance of what pain is normal etc. Perhaps I’ll produce one but by the time it gets passed by the multiple committees they’ll be into the next millenium no doubt.

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  1. Hey Micah,
    I loved your comment about being willing to drink dirty vase water if it aids in healing! :). I am four weeks and two days post op. I agree the boot is pain to sleep in. I feel like I’m doing OK….only on Tylenol now, but may switch to Ibuprofin to help with the minimal swelling. It would be nice to have a “how to”….”what’s next” brochure…but I find the multitude of blogs in this support site to be awesomely informative and helpful. High five to our healing….even though it’s a long recovery time….I am not rushing this.

  2. High five Peg! You are right this is a great site, such a variation of experiences, protocols, management to sift through though, I am becoming incredibly well read. . I’m having a rest day today, think I over did it yesterday as I had a burning sensation this morning, its settled though with rest and elevation :-)

  3. @micah1 Hello, looks like we are T about the same stage of rehab. I had a complete rupture on march 27 th playing wallyball. I knew it when I did it, what it was..went to the er, got a splint and crutches..appt at the ortho next day surgery scheduled for Apr 3. They did a nerve block and i said why do i need anesthesia if i am already numb from knee down? Why cant i do a spinal? The anesthesiologist said, you can! I said then do it! No going under for me! So I got to actually watch the whole procedure in the reflective bp monitor! i was out of there in an hour..hopped on my scooter, and went home to veg it out on the couch..lasted about 2 days then i was back to my normal routine of scootering around the house! Lol..not my normal routine to be sure but better than laying on the couch.
    I went to my first post op 2 weeks later on april 18, and got my staples out and got into a nextep walking boot with a 1 and a half heel wedge.
    I thought it was going to be great, but, i hate it! Its heavy as hell and a bear to sleep in…so i started taking it off several times a day, while resting in my recliner to let it”breathe”.. After a few days of no sleep, i would take it off the last couple hours in the morning after my husband left for work…
    I did not want to worry about him bumping me..and I was very, very careful not to move around..
    last week i realized my next appt was not until may 9, which was 3 weeks after my stitches were out and boot was put on…I called last week and asked to remove another wedge..they said no…then i asked to take off boot occasionally..thy said no…so I said I need to be seen next week, because i think i am ready to go to the next level, and can not wait two more weeks…consequently i have an appt on thursday May 2nd…..hopefully they remove a wedge in my boot and allow me at least partial weight bearing..we shall see…If they say no i think i will be doing it anyway, because after reading so many different blogs and websites, i truly believe it is completely up to the individual to know and understand your limits…do not be foolish or overconfident, but, do not settle for less than you think you can accomplish! We shall see what the doc says on Thursday!

  4. Robin, you may be a bit MORE patient than I’d be! I usually recommend printing out a good modern study and its FAST rehab protocol (like bit.ly/UWOProtocol ) and taking the printout to your appointment. If the Doc won’t read it, roll it up and slap him across the face with it(!). I guess that does sound less patient… ;-)

  5. Hi Robin, I’m sorry you’ve joined our club. I can see why you are frustrated with the rehab. I will be 7 weeks on Friday having removed my last wedge last Friday, and hopefully will be in shoes for the weekend. Yikes. a bit anxious as I’ve got a hectic weekend ahead with family parties, but obviously also excited. I’m actually not sure if I will be totally boot free or if it will be a gradual swap over.
    So you’re not weight bearing yet?? I certainly would print off the protocols that Norm has quoted. I don’t know where you are based, in much of the UK seems to take the early mobilization management.
    Good luck at the clinic

  6. Yes I am sorry to be here too! Alas, the info sharing and support is awesome..4 weeks post-op today going to the doc at 3:40 today..can not wait to see what he says..I actually was riding atv’s on Monday and I went mushroom hunting on my crutches in my woods for an hour yesterday…hardest work out ever..lol, had to quit i was sweating so much thought my crutches were going to slip out of arm pits…haha..I was very, very, careful and went very, very slow, but, I did manage to find 9 fresh morels…so happy, since that is one of my biggest passions, and they are only “up” for about 2 weeks in the spring..did not think I was going to be able to get out there but i did and no problems, no swelling and no pain,.been doing partial wb all week..not full…not sure if i should tell him

  7. Ok so i had my appt and olah, they did exactly what i had hoped, got another wedge out of boot, have a one inch left. I am exactly 4 weeks post op..been doing really well and i have had alot of activity , due to the scooter, and my need to be outside and plant. So , i have the OK for full weight bearing on the boot…will get rid of the boot in 2 weeks, which was exactly what i was hoping to hear…alas, i find myself “scared” to walk…on my new found freedom..I will take it easy and slow until my leg has learned to readjust and accept the weight. However, i think fwb in week 4 is a blessing, and i am NOT going to screw it up now…thank you Lord…PS..I have been taking Collagen + C from neo cell since my surgery…I read where collagen helps your tendons, ligaments, muscles, bones hair skin and nails…I think it has made a big difference, i cant say my tendon, but, i know my hair skin and nails have been growing like mad..so i really believe it has made a huge difference, as i even hardly have. a scar now after 4 weeks post op and i am a pack a day smoker which supposedly slows your healing process..i also invested in a really good multi vitamin for tissue repair..i chose Mature Multi by Kirkland..both of my vitamins i purchased off of Amazon after researching and reading lots of reviews…so whether it is the vitamins, my determination or the doctors prowess..i am so very happy with my progress at 4 weeks..hope this helps someone else! Good Luck to all….!

  8. Robina, I’d lay off the scooter while preparing for FWB. The crutches will give you good practice PWB until you’re ready to ditch them (or to forget where you left them!). Make sure everything else about your gait is as normal as possible.

  9. Thanks for the advice @normofthenorth! I actually was really nervous the first morning when i could be fwb, it took me about 2 hours to work up the courage to walk! I used the scooter for the first hour..then then crutches with pwb..then started to fwb…so i went to the woods looking for mushrooms on soft ground which i half crutched with pwb and also fwb..but i practised walking many different ways, but, kept my crutches for stability in the woods…felt confident after that, although quite tired! I really put it to the test that day, what with 1 hour of mushroom hunting on the woods..and the railroad track..then out to eat…only thing really sore was my heel in my boot, from lack of use…So today, i went to the woods again..fwb, crutches..and when i get really tired and feel its had enough i scooter for a half hour to rest it! just got to listen to your body but, i am very happy to be pwb/fwb at 41/2 weeks post op.

  10. Nice to read about another non-surgical patient. I’m hoping that I can get into a boot pretty soon too. LOL about the vase water comment. I’ve been drinking water out of whatever cup I find within reach–beats having to balance to get my own cup filled. Looking forward to reading about your progress. Good luck!

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