Day 20 - Cast off weird leg

Day 20 Cast off weird leg 05/05/2013

Returned to fracture clinic for the first time since the equinous plaster had been on. Had to admit I was both anxious and excited. It was standing room only, seemingly full of people who had slipped on the ice or fallen over in the heaviest snow we had had for decades.

The cast was removed to reveal a slightly weird scraggy looking leg with a bit of bruising around the ankle. It felt very fragile. The doctor shook my hand, glanced at the weird leg, said I’d have a boot on for 4 weeks, was to weight bear  and then physio and shoes, shook my hand again and disappeared. I think I could have done with a 5 minute physio session to set me straight on how to walk and how much to walk, but I suppose thats the NHS for you, at least Sheffield seems up to date on the current aggressive management, ie early mobilization.

I have to say it was very very sore and I was a bit down in the dumps for an hour or so, but it improved and I got the hang of weight bearing with the crutches and more confident at putting my foot to the floor.

After a surprisingly good nights sleep I’ve had a better day, mastering walking in a dodgy lopsided way in my stormtrooper boot. (At least it hides the weirdy leg).

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