Week 5 - This boot was made for walking

This boot was made for walking…. 20/04/2013

Two plus weeks into wearing the boot. What a relief to be able to put my foot to the floor and not have all my weight on those crutches.  Initially on putting my foot down there was strange firework type pains which lasted a few minutes every time I [...]

Day 20 - Cast off weird leg

Day 20 Cast off weird leg 05/05/2013

Returned to fracture clinic for the first time since the equinous plaster had been on. Had to admit I was both anxious and excited. It was standing room only, seemingly full of people who had slipped on the ice or fallen over in the heaviest snow we had had [...]

Day 7 Olympic Bathing

Day 7 Olympic Bathing 23/03/13

Several cards and vases of flowers adorn my mantle piece, I also get visitors and phone calls. I vow in future to keep in touch with poorly friends and work colleagues  much more than before because it makes you feel special.
I have perfected getting in and out of the bath. I [...]

Day 5 - I am a fraud

Having studied the internet for the accounts of other ruptured achilles sufferers, it appears that I am a fraud. Everyone else ruptured theirs whilst playing sport, predominantly basketball and football, one or two dancers and netballers. Mine went whilst walking up the stairs. Now anyone that knows me is aware that I am partial to [...]

Day 3. Flask coffee and big pockets 18/03/13

Day 3. Flask coffee and big pockets 18/03/13

Well Monday arrives, husband and teenage son go off to work and school respectively. I settle down on the settee for the day. I realised yesterday that :-
1. I can not carry a cup of tea
2. We should have had a downstairs loo when we did the extension
3. [...]

Day 2 - The choice

17/03/2014 day 2
I returned to the hospital Sunday morning expecting a long wait but was greeted by an empty fracture clinic, Hoorah. Swiftly saw the doctor who outlined the choices, I could either go for conservative management where I have my foot in plaster for a couple of weeks, then move on to a removable [...]

Shot in the foot

Day One 16/03/2013
Like I say it was out of the blue. I was just walking up the stairs, cup of coffee in hand, with the intention of taking apart the U bend in the bathroom sink. Two steps from the top SNAP closely followed by AGONY and I fell forward spilling coffee up the wall [...]

Micah’s Ruptured Achilles Recovery

It was out of the blue. Walking up the stairs in a completely normal fashion, when suddenly I felt like I’d been shot in the foot. I found reading other peoples experiences varyingly helpful and although I have never blogged before I thought I would share my diary of my recovery.

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