1 year post rupture

One year since I’ve ruptured. Seems like forever ago

My tendon feels just fine. I still get post workout soreness. No pain. Get quite a bit of scar tissue cracking and snapping, as to be expected.

My calf has a long way to go. My uninjured side is 15.5″, the injured is 14.5″. That’s a full inch deficit. Mostly on the inner head of the calf

Since I have been doing more sprinting and launching off of my toes, explosiveness has gotten quite a bit better. Just in the last month. Lots of jump roping, stair work, box jumps, and sprinting/launching practice.

I have also been incorporating explosive motions into all of my weight routines lately. For my calves, I get on the leg press, set an appropriate weight, and try to “throw” the platform with my toes, alternating legs. A good weight to use is one where you can actually throw and catch the weight with where you’re not overly stretching or putting pressure on the tendon. If you can imagine going down in a slow, controlled regular calf press, then accelerating up and through the press motion.

This has helped immensely with getting some of the spring back that I have been missing since the injury.

I think I probably have another few months if not a year more to get back to where I was pre injury since I still have lingering soreness and lack a bit of strength. Some deficits will likely still exist even then. You look to athletes that this has happened to, and they have a lot of difficulty returning to pre injury form. Some can, most don’t. Studies show that most people have deficits well into two years, sometimes even six years.

Here’s hoping we get there.

2 Responses to “1 year post rupture”

  1. Congrats on your milestone and progress! I also have been jump roping for couple of weeks and I like how it engages the calf and helps the ankle/foot in explosiveness. The one legged jumps are still weaker though, but quite comfortable. How are yours one legged jumps on the injured leg after one year?

  2. Congratulations! You’ve been working hard and deserve the success. I’ve had a big setback - never really felt good, but it is what it is. I just posted my One Year update. Good luck with your continuing rehab.

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