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Leave the cast, take the boot…

That’s what I thought my “Achilles-GodFather”(Ortho) would say to me during my 2 1/2 week Post Op Follow up, but what did he do, he removes my stitches and gives me my 4th CAST!! You’ve read right, 4th cast in 2 1/2 weeks. For some reason, every single time I ask him to just give me a boot and position my foot at 30 degrees (current position in cast) he will not listen to me and just walks out the room. These cast cost! My insurance is great, but they only pay for 1 cast every 60 days. He’s an old school doc and I guess he believes I will only heal in a cast and/or he believes I will put weight on my foot. I am not a complete idiot, I wouldn’t do that. I don’t think anyone enjoys being hurt! I asked his Physician’s Assistant what is the medical difference between the boot and the cast and he said there is none. It’s all up to the Doctor and what he wants to give you. ┬áSo, I am wondering if I should seek a second opinion… What would you guys and/or ladies do?

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  1. normofthenorth Says:

    Can you leave all the financial stuff to the insurance company? Like tell him to do whatever your insurance will cover, but lay off your bank account? I bet he doesn’t want to give you any casts at HIS expense. . .

  2. croper Says:

    I would find a doctor who was willing to listen to you or at least explain why. Many of us have read the same journal articles that our orthos (should) read. You deserve to know why…its your AT…you have to be your own advocate.

  3. Allison Says:

    I went back for my 2.5 week visit today expecting to get my 3rd cast (plaster for a few days, fiberglass for the last 2 weeks)…only to be shot down and told eh…we’re going to keep you in that one for another two weeks. WTH?!?! So annoyed.

  4. rugbyjo Says:

    Did your doctor also do your surgery or was it someone else. I would be super frustrated. We look forward to these Dr visits excited to hear the next steps. I think you may want to call around and check your options out - this is your body and your life. This is new for us - you just want answers.

  5. Kendric Says:

    Dump the doc and get a new one immediately. Make some calls and find one that will play ball with you. I fired mine day one and have done everything myself. No surgery, no PT, etc. There is enough info on line that if you do some research you will know more about what is going on with this than most of the OSs out there. I am 18 weeks post tear and I’m in as good or better shape than most I read.

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