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1st Week Post-Op

Well, The first week went by quick.. I guess when you’re working you don’t notice it… Not in that much pain, but I am starting to notice a tight feeling in my calf/achilles area. I am trying to figure out if this is a cramp in my atrophied calf muscle or is this the tightness in my achilles fusing together from what I hear other people writing about.. either way, it hurts like #$%33##%#3435#!!! Anyway.. I haven’t taken any pain meds since the first day after surgery so I think this is a good thing, but maybe I should take a tylenol or something… I am off of work for the next two weeks so I am getting my MLB / Madden thumbs ready because I am sure I will be bored out of mind! Good thing is I live on the Ocean, so I can always crutch myself outside to see what the “walker-beings” are doing!!

Well.. hopefully all you other A-Bloggers are feeling well and getting better.. Type 2-U in a week :0)


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