8 week post op visit

May 10, 2013 |  Tagged , | 1 Comment

So, doc was happy with my range of motion and thickness of achilles. Daily alphabets paying off. Starting PT next week which is a good thing as I’m really getting antsy. Still no weight bearing or real strength training without the boot; ok by me as I’m terrified of rerupture. I can’t wait to not be thinking of my Achilles all the time.

I’m also getting a little better walking in the vacocast but get tired pretty quickly and switch to modified crutch walk. I would definitely recommend a shoe even up for other foot. So much easier to walk and easier on hips and knees. Fortunately now good enough at stairs to have moved back into my own place. My poor friends have been stuck with me for almost 2 months. Planning to test the swimming ability of the boot this weekend.

8 weeks post op

May 6, 2013 |  Tagged , | 1 Comment

So, I ruptured my achilles playing dodgeball and after much debate, decided to have it repaired 5 days later. I was in a cast for 5 weeks, repositioned every week or 2 and ended up bivalving all of them because of evening/nighttime discomfort. Out of the cast and into a black boot at 5 weeks and was a little sad to be out of my nice, stable cast. The boot was big and heavy and tried to slide down my now nonexistent calf even when excessively tight. My doc told me that I could weight bear in the boot but I was unable to put more than minimal weight on it because it felt very unstable. I switched to a vacocast and could immediately, though clumsily, bear some weight. I reverted to 10 degrees plantar flexed with the larger sole and slowly improved to now rocker sole and 5 degrees dorsiflexed.

The walking is getting better though I feel like I have forgotten how. I still use a knee scooter at work as the crutching takes too long and does not allow me to use my hands as readily and bring the crutches other places as the leg gets tired pretty quickly with the hobbling.

Next appointment with the doc is tomorrow and will hopefully be released to PT. I have to admit that it is hard to even imagine walking normally again.

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