Weeks 9 & 10 Up, Down and sideways.

Time seems to be flying bye!!! It was a tough week last week. Not so much health wise but puppy wise. My babies left home (sniff, sniff) My wonderful daughter-in-law found homes for them all. I had wanted to keep one, but it was so hard to decide, I decided to let them all go.

I still have the one my son wants and plans to take sometime in the future if they find another place to live. Where they are now doesn’t allow pets. I’ve lost the battle on non-attachment though. For now, it’s mine to love but it’s hard being in that limbo state of knowing it may someday go too.

As for the heel recovery… as long as I keep the ankle wrapped, the pain is a dull ache most of the time and bearable. I tried going a whole day two days ago with it unwrapped. I was in the house all day but that didn’t go so well. Much more pain.

Then yesterday, I did more outside work over uneven terrain than I should have and I paid for it all night. Wrapping this morning took most of the ache away so I’m not sure how to look at things execpt telling myself…BE PATIENT

2 Responses to “Weeks 9 & 10 Up, Down and sideways.”

  1. Yes, Metonia: hurry up and be patient! LOL
    Understand the sorrow of seeing the puppies go, but you have your son’s puppy for a good while and afterwards the puppy will always remember you. :-)

    I’m sorry you are still feeling serious pain from the ankle area… hope it subsides soon with the therapy.

    Take care, and remember to keep the hubby happy (this message was paid for by the Great Husbands Society of North America) LOL
    Happy Healing, dear friend.

  2. If you are having serious pain from your ankle better ask an orthopedic around your area. You may not feel it now but in the long run this may cause a problem. What I can advice you is that you eat foods that are rich in amino acids to help your muscle as well as bones heal faster.

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