Week 8 ups and downs

Well, saw my primary doctor who would neither confirm nor deny my worsening was due to side effects of my cholesterol medication and agreed we will treat it as such.  Blood work done showed my cholesterol was better so I’m off it for now.

I’m feeling much better and was ecstatic I could climb my stairs without having to drag myself up by the handrail. Going down is still an issue as the pain in the heel and tendon insertion site is beyond tolerating in that final needed action of bearing my weight until the other foot hits the next stair.

The one legged step still causes discomfort in the right knee but it’s tolerable.  I’m trying hard not to use the pain free side stepping going down. I’ve reverted to wrapping the ankle when I know I have to do alot of walking for appointments or shopping.

I attempted my front yard which is all hill but decided even though I could do it, it wasn’t yet wise based on the pain.

Hope all is well with everyone else here.

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  1. Metonia, I really hope it was your cholesterol medication messing up… I’ve had medication issues with meds I’ve used for years, as well as with new medications, and it is scary!
    Now I understand your long silence… ;-) And as for your husband not taking the extra shoe along, I avoided that problem by taking a bag of my own with the shoe in it! LOL Otherwise I, too, would have had to walk out in a boot! LOL

    As for gardening your hill, I flashed back to Crzkdsmom story of gardening in her cast with velvet pants and suade shoes! LOL Of course I would NEVER do anything crazy like that! my garden is bricked over! LOL
    Keep up the good spirits, dear Metonia.
    Happy Healing!…….. Manny

  2. Ok ATR and Haglands friends. New issue, should I be worried?

    Just climbed out of the shower (and yes Manny I put clothes on before I sat down to post) and discovered my scar was BLACK! After careful evaluation I think it is like a blood blister but not one. It isn’t sore, it isn’t swelled and it’s is exactly the size of my scar.

    Pressure evacuated the blood, as in it just disappeared back into my tissue, like when you check circulation for blanching effect. But as soon as I released the pressure is began to return. I’ve wrapped the ankle.

    To my knowledge I did nothing to it, did nothing I haven’t already been doing. The only thing that comes to mind is that I scrubbed to hard and somehow separated skin layers but wouldn’t I have noticed that? As in wouldn’t if have HURT?

    Any takers on a therory or what I should do besides watch it, ice it and elevate it?

  3. Metonia, I’ve never heard of a scar turning black… the scab, yes, but not the scar itself. But if there is no pain, no smell, no redness, no swelling, then I’d say you might just call the Dr. as soon as the office opens, or show up at the office when they open the doors. Otherwise, you know the drill: ER or your local emergency clinic.

    Now, as for giving the impression that I am either a prude or have a dirty mind, I am neither: I….. can’t write while I’m laughing… :-D
    Good luck with the scar and may it be nothing! Happy Healing!

  4. Hi Metonia,
    I got into the pool yesterday to do my excises first time . I was in for about 30 minutes . When i got out and latter started to massage my scar , a part of it looked a different dark grayish color . But no pain , just the normal sensitivity there . Its now bluish grey .
    I hope all’s well with your scar and nothing to worry .Do call your doctor .
    Happy Healing …..
    Manny you got me in splits again :) :)

  5. Hi sunny, that sounds like maybe just a bit of low circulation. My scar would do that too out of the pool. Mine was definitely a blood leakage issue. The more I thought about it, I remembered my husbands small dog had “jumped” at the back of my leg that day and I know I felt a small “scratch” over the scar area but didn’t think anything about it as it didn’t look any different at the time.

    I think she may have been the cause of the tissue separation and subsequent bleeding though. It also seems to be turning into a bit of a keloid scar now.

    Don’t know if that small extra trauma had anything to do with it, or just my bodies unnatural tendency to create them.

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