Week 7 Not so easy on my own :-(

Well, I started back on my aqua therapy maintenance program Monday. Wanted to be sure the cellulitis had resolved. It wasn’t 100% but much better and a waterproof band-aide was enough to cover the remaining scabs. Since I’ve spend approximately 6 months of every year in active therapy for one thing or another over the last three years, I know my limits and probably all the exercises possible in the water.

Things haven’t been as easy as I’d hoped.  My slow limpy walk is improving if I pay real close attention to my foot position. Before surgery I had developed a side ways walk which I’d unconsciously done for over a year. Once FWB and in the boot I found it easier to walk with toes forward. Once in 2 shoes, it took a few days because my body wanted to walk “the old way” and I found myself stumbling more and actually in more pain if I forgot to point my toes forward.

First day back in the pool and some land exercises and my foot told me “you over did it”  It was frustrating. I am much more weaker overall and especially with stairs since my surgery and wheelchair bondage. I found stairs almost impossible unless I could drag part of my weight up with the hand rail. Going down is also bad. Because of left knee problems and right foot Haglands, I’d go down sideways, one step at a time, left foot down first sideways, then right foot down sideways to same step as left… repeat.

I was hoping after surgery to do better. Left knee is still a problem but trying to go down facing forward has also failed. I’ve too much pain in the right ankle with my weight to manage. I can do two footed toe raises and ankle drops off the bottom platform in the pool but can’t manage them on land on the therapy stairs, even at half a step.

I also tried the seated bike the therapy location. I tried level 5 for 4 minutes (6 for 6 was my maintenance level) . At first my ankle didn’t even want to do it but I readjusted my foot in the pedal strap and then was able to pedal with the right in the up and down position.  I think level 5 was a bit much.

The tendon stretches do well at the surgery heel level but I’m getting a pulling feeling and pain further up my tendon at the top of the calf area with my stretches. Should I be worried about this? It’s not a constant thing and I’m pretty sure it’s not a clot because it’s only with the exercise stretches.

I took it much easier in the pool Tuesday but worked longer and avoided the bike and stairs. No workout today except what I do at home including stairs. My legs are baring a bit more of my weight on the stairs but I still need some help from the rail. I keep trying a few down facing normally. I only get one or two before I have to side step again, but I keep trying. My progress is small increments but hey IT’S STILL PROGRESS. So I’ll keep trying.

I’m back in the pool in the morning and plan to try the bike and workout stairs again. Hopefully, I plan to add the platform on the half ball while seated for ankle flexibility and strength. (I know it has a name but I don’t know what it is)

The weird nerve sensations on the bottom of my foot and semi numb toes is taking some getting use to.  You know that feeling when your sock slides down into your shoe and bunches under your heel?  That’s what it feels like anytime I walk and I know for sure there is not sock.

Well, that’s my update.

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  1. Metonia, congratulations on the small improvements. I know that losing our strength is frustrating, but the lack of strength in the calf muscle actually protects the healing tendon.
    As for the “sock in my heel feeling” I still have it when I go barefoot, which makes me think the heel is still puffy. I actually think of it as my mushroom or cauliflower heel… ;-)

    As for slow dancing with my wife, the body is willing but the spouse is often busy! LOL

    Good luck with all the issues, dear friend! and just keep on working at your recovery!
    Happy healing……….. Manny

  2. You are making great progress! All those discomforts sound familiar. I am at week 10 and still feel some numbness and tingling. The PA told me that tingles mean things are alive and well and healing. Weeks 6-10 were a frustrating time because the progress seems so slow. Keep moving. You are doing a great job with your recovery.

  3. Thanks Manny and sunny. I’ve made an appointment for Tuesday to see my primary doctor. I was put on medication to lower my cholesterol a week before my surgery. I’m beginning to think I’m reacting to that.

    I looked up side effects last night and it can intensify my auto immune problems. I’ve been feeling so bad, like my body was feeling before I was diagnoses with my PMR.

    Guess what one of the side effects are? PMR (polimyalgia rheumatica)!!!! The joint pain, the achenes, the fatigue , the difficulty walking..,.

    My only delema for the moment is should I stop the med now or wait until I see the doc :-(

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