Saw the doc today, the cellulitis is looking much better. It has stopped oozing and much less red. Still has two scabs but doc was happy. She graduated me to 2 shoes, said “progress carefully” and “come back as needed”. I don’t need PT, I can drive and good bye.

WOW, I’m definitely happy but also shocked and a bit scared.  Maybe because my lifestyle was already sedentary  in nature she felt I was back to my pre-haglund activity level.

But I’ve decided, thanks to beanies and everyone else’s posts I don’t just want to be sedentary because of all my other painful conditions. I’m going to exercise harder and get other surgeries I’ve been putting off if doc’s recommends and try to improve my overall health.

My biggest challenge will be taking my time and not overdoing it all at once. I’m known for that and then I’m set back weeks just trying to get back to my “normal”

So I will continue to visit, update, follow others here and try to post on others sites often.

4 Responses to “Week 6— 2 SHOES AND DISCHARGE WOW”

  1. Metonia this is incredible and such good news! Congratulations you must be so happy! I’m really glad to hear that the wound is starting to heal better too now. How are you finding 2 shoes? Your commitment to improve your health is fantastic and I wish you all the best and many years of health. You may find PT helpful with walking again and loosening up your ankle and foot and strengthening up your legs again after the period of immobility. I found this invaluable during my rehab. Good luck and stay well :)

  2. Congrats on your new 2 shoes!!! Just be careful not to fall, at 6 weeks your tendon is still very soft, and that’s when most ruptures occur, when people get off their boots and think they can walk like they used to.. Walking is the best exercise in my opinion! Take care!!!

  3. Let me join the rest in congratulating you, Metonia, on driving again and on going into 2 shoes. As for no PT, I agree with Beanie that PT is really important. I’d also suggest you wear heeled shoes to protect your tendon.
    My orthopedist’s greatest warning was not to overstretch my tendon, since that would leave me with a limp… so I’ve been careful. Of course, your preexisting medical conditions could have led your Dr. to feel you were back to “normal”, but I agree with you that you can turn the clock back a lot more than 2 months… ;-)
    See what can be done, and keep us informed!……….. Manny
    Happy Healing!

  4. metonia, great commitment to your self, keep it up. and make sure you come back to show off and share with us how to improve ourselves!


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