Week 5 Incision to wound care and aquatherapy

Well, my incision is still open but not infected. I’ve decided I need to start thinking wound care. I’m finding no matter what I do the boots rubbing which isn’t helping. I read someones post recently with suture and wound problems that I’m going to try and find to read the entire history hoping it will help.

I started back with my aqua therapy and it felt so good. I hadn’t realized how overall out of shape I have become. I had terrible muscle spasms (thighs and feet) after what I thought was a simple slow aquatic exercise session. I was quite happy with how the ankle worked. I didn’t wear the brace in the water but I did wear a waterproof dressing over the incision. The ankle supported my aquatic weight and didn’t give me any problems with the calf/toe stretches.

Now I’m anxious to start 2 shoes next week.

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  1. I’m so glad you were able to restart the aquatherapy, Metonia!
    The early recovery process really does take a toll on our muscle tone, and I’m still working on mine.
    As for the wound and incision, good luck! That is such a confounding problem, and you can’t ignore it.
    Take care, dear friend, and lets continue our recovery with a smile on our faces! :-)

  2. Thanks Manny, Thanks to so many posts, old and new, I decided not to wait until next week to see my surgeon. The incision has started to drain at top and bottom and some of that drainage was bloody.

    So instead of calling I just walked into one of there other offices and ask for someone to see me. I was told it was a really busy day and they were short staffed but would check. I think it was lunch time and my surgeon was in and came right away.

    She said I had cellulitis, that it was possible my body was trying to beal out the absorbable sutures, aka rejecting them.

    She called in an antibiotic to my pharmacy and put a blue drying liquid over the incision and said to keep my appointment next week and she would see how it is doing.

  3. A quick internet search did not find cellulitis and our surgeries specifically. A general search found this site
    It is informative. It only hints at my form of cellulitis, my body rejection the sutures, but from what I’ve read a few others may have had this type of post-op issue so I decided to add this website to my post in hopes others find it helpful and things to watch for so as not to let problems go on to long,

  4. Great call, Metonia! :-D
    I remember when cellulitis was the bane of teenage and young women… LOL, and a year and a half ago I found out it is being used to define skin lesions that won’t heal… go figure.
    I agree that sometimes you just have to go in, because an open wound is really an emergency.
    I hope the antibiotics and the special cream help you heal. I was also prescribed some special pads to put over the wound with a gel that promoted drying… expensive but it worked!
    Good luck, dear friend. Heal quickly…

  5. lol Manny I think it was called cellulite back then, not cellulitis lol

    The cream was a one time thing, I wasn’t given or ordered any. Anyone have any home know ways to keep incision dry short of naked?

  6. Metonia, I am trying to get the name of the special medicated gauze pads, but it was over a year ago, and my local drug stores did not carry it …
    As for your “slippers”, I am still using an old pair of sneakers with heel lifts inside as my house slippers, to keep the toes down and protect my foot. I would use them at PT when I had the boot, and now use them as home slippers (no street shoes inside the house is our habit). the heel lift makes the sneakers into slip ons, and they were great practice for going “2 shoes”. I know women’s slippers come with heels sometimes, but men’s don’t.
    Oh, as for the cellulite, I remember that in Spanish we called it cellulitis. :-)
    Good luck and happy healing Ms. Pegleg Waddle! LOL

  7. Big Hug, Metonia. Senging good healing vibes your way! :-)

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