Does the Lymph system play a part in Tendon issues and swelling?

With all the different stages of swelling I became curious if the Lymphatic System was involved post surgery. Basically I was curious if this was severed during surgery and if that would explain all the swelling.  I found this site, which actually was a very good site and was very informative about the health of tendons in general and how they become unhealthy.

It has one area specifically devoted to ATR but the entire page explained much, even for Haglunds surgeries. It also addresses athletes and why they are so susceptible to ATR.

I was going to post this on beanie’s page since she has so much helpful information but I didn’t want it to get lost among her posts. It may also have been one of the sites she listed for review on her Month 5 post-op page but I wasn’t sure.

Though the site was very helpful and very informative, the consensuses seems… no one knows for sure or it is dependent on the injury and healing properties your body uses. This healing can also work against the tendon actually making it more susceptible to re-injury. So it may or may not play a factor in swelling.

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  1. Hi Metonia,
    Glad you had the surgery and are on the mend. In some of your posts/comments, you mentioned trouble with the incision healing. May I suggest you look into applying “Medihoney” to your incision. It is medical grade Manuka honey that has been clinically proven to speed healing (plus helps in staff infections and a host of other ills). A tube costs ~ 18$, I got mine from Amazon. They have a range of products, but I just applied the gel Medihoney and put a bandage over it. It is miracle stuff.
    Congratulations on your surgery…in no time (6 months-ish) you will be walking with only minimal discomfort and the pain of the haglund’s issue will be just a distant memory.
    Good luck to you, and check out the Medihoney!

  2. Metonia thanks for the link and info, it was a very interesting read even though I struggled a lot to understand it. What I found the most interesting is that tendon stem cells can differentiate into bone or collagen instead which explains the calcification people talk about. I’ve been wondering about that for a while now.

    I have heard that one of the main reasons for the swelling is because the lymphatic system relies on muscles squeezing to help move the fluid up. Because the calf atrophies so quickly, the lack of calf muscle results in an inability to drain fluid up from the ankles, so we have to use gravity instead which is why we have to elevate to get relief from swelling. As the calf muscle grows back and we become more active, the swelling will reduce. I’m not sure if that’s really the reason or only a part of the reason for the swelling though.

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