Week 4 Update Doctor Appointment tomorrow

Well it will be interesting. I’ve continued to have pain to touch on the side of my ankle.  Yesterday as a means to protect it come, I put on a neoprene ankle support. I’m guessing it’s nerve pain from lack of fat tissue between my skin and the operative site. The support was comfortable and helped.

What I didn’t count on was the moisture from my ankle sweating all day under the neoprene. It caused my scabs to rub off.  No bleeding but it showed the incision had been spreading with my stretching exercises and that is what caused the excessive scabbing since my sutures were removed last week. (I’m allergic to steri strips which cause bad blistering underneath them so they weren’t put on after sutures were removed.)

After my shower tonight, I was able to get a good look at the ankle. It’s impossible to see how deep the splitting has gone due to the scabbing. which remains almost half and inch wide at the top and bottom.

I also have some weird neuropathy  happening on the bottom of my foot. My middle toe is frequently numb and the sensation is less over the entire bottom of my foot. The foot is always freezing cold compared to the other and in the shower, the water felt warm to my good foot but scalding to my operative foot. There is a quarter sized area under the scab at the top that is a blue tinge in color all the time.

I’m hoping I get to graduate to PWB and my boot. I still get dependent edema when my foot dangles. Not looking forward to going out in the cold and snow again after such nice weather the past few days.

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  1. Hi Metonia, your incision site splitting and being 1/2 inch wide doesn’t sound great, I’m really sorry to hear that. If you are not allergic to bee stings, then I have heard that Manuka Honey (pharmaceutical grade) is excellent for helping open wounds and ulcers to heal. You might want to give it a try. You can google it, but here is an excerpt from one study:

    “There is increasing evidence to support the therapeutic use of
    honey, mostly in burns and post-operative wounds. Different
    research has supported that honey have several important
    properties – a natural anti-inflammatory effect, stimulatory
    effect on granulation tissue and antibacterial effect that make
    it a dressing agent that facilitates wound healing. The high
    osmolarity of honey has been considered a valuable tool in
    the management of sloughy and septic wounds.”

    Good luck at the doctor tomorrow! I hope you are allowed PWB and that they can help with your wound and that all is ok! Let us know how you go.

  2. Metonia I just read ckoutny say that usually if you have a blood clot then the leg is cold and swollen which made alarm bells ring since you posted that your foot was cold. When you see the doctor today maybe ask them to do an ultrasound to check if you have a clot! Good luck and I hope all goes well today!

  3. Thanks beanie. Doctor said, incisions, sometimes, were the last part to heal. She said I definitely had inflammation but not infection. I had excellent ROM. + 3 doriflexsion and full strength plantarflexsion.

    She said to massage my inscision 3-4 times a day with vitamin E oil to try and break up the scar tissue. She put me in the boot and said FWB for 2 weeks and then hopefully 2 shoes. She thinks I won’t need any PT and said it was ok to resume my aqua therapy maintenance program.

    She didn’t say one way or the other if I was to use the boot in the water, but with the incision unhealed I’m definitely going to use a waterproof dressing.

    The incision is open/scabbed 1 inch at the top and 1/2 inch at the bottom. The center remains healed for now.

    Hubby had plans to go away for the weekend with his father and left Friday morning. Thankfully my daughter and her kids came for the day to help me out and take me grocery shopping yesterday.

    That first step in the doctors office surprised me with the amount of pain I sat right back down lol. Next step was a bit more cautious. I couldn’t do real unassisted FWB until today and it’s still a hobble but I can stand on the bad foot alone bearing my full weight without much discomfort.

    The incision is still the problem. That’s were my pain is centered. Being in the boot all day created the same problem the neoprene ankle support did. It sweated and flushed off the top layers my scabs. The raw wound is very painful.

    The boot really irritates the incision. So today, I put a telfa non-stick gauze pad over it and wrapped it with “vet wrap”. Vet wrap is the veterinarian version of self sticking gauze wrap but much cheaper. So I didn’t need to try and tape it. It’ doesn’t slip or slide at all so I ‘m sure it will stay in place while in the boot. It takes the pressure and rubbing off the incision. I know with the boot pumped up there shouldn’t be much movement of the foot in the boot but no matter what there is still a small amount. Otherwise it’s pumped so tight it shuts off the circulation.

    beanie- doctor didn’t say anything about the cold foot when I mentioned it and I didn’t have any back of the calf pain, but I will pay attention to it over the next 2 weeks.

    I think for me the best thing will be to take the boot off every hour or so and let the incision breath as I exercise the foot since the continued exercising is important and impossible in the boot.

  4. Metonia I am so relieved to hear back from you that everything is ok. Apart from the incision it sounds like things are really looking up and congrats on your FWB status, that’s great news. I’m also glad to hear you can start aqua therapy again as I know you wanted to get back to that as quickly as possible. Take care and all the best!

  5. Congratulations, Metonia, on your progress! :-) FWB is awesome, even if its only a couple of steps at a time when you get started! :-D
    Now you can definitely move around the house!
    Happy healing!………… Manny

  6. Thanks Manny it feels wonderful to get around, not so wonderful seeing the mess my hubs has left behind for me to clean.

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