How is it decided how much weight is put on PWB?

I searched the blog and found this one  but it doesn’t answer my question.  Plus how does a person measure how much weight they are putting on their foot when in a boot and on PWB?

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  1. Metonia, when you are in a boot it seems some protocols go FWB immediately, even with pain. In my case, I was Partial weight bearing, “as much as I could take”, which meant that I basically went from 2 crutches to 1 crutch, lo using a cane or any solid surface to lean on, to one step without support, to two steps, and so on… I just kept putting weight on the injured foot, and the foot kept hurting (specially the heel) when I put too much weight on it. Oh, I complained that the heel pain was the hard plastic in the boot wedges, but in retrospect I think it was actually my foot warning me to give it some rest. ;-)
    I hope this helps!
    Oh… let me add something I think you posted a couple of weeks ago: “if it hurts, don’t do it” LOL

  2. Thanks manny. today’s been good, so good in fact I’m getting irritated needing the boot lol. with exception of the incision problem and healing.

    Balance is mostly good unless I don’t pay attention to my walking technique. Even before surgery I had developed an external rotation of my foot to avoid the haglund spur pain. It became an unconscious walk. It’s hard to keep toes forward in the boot. If I don’t that’s when the balance goes.

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