Crossing your legs?

Now that I don’t have to wear the splint in bed or when resting I was wondering… Is it OK to cross my legs? Specifically cross the bad one over the good one.  Since I had the Haglunds surgery and not a tear the pressure isn’t directly over the surgical site. I’m only 2 weeks post-op. I don’t have any pain but I do notice it pulling slightly. If I think it’s too much I uncross my legs. It’s such an automatic thing to do, cross my leg. But now I’m wondering if I should be more diligent on not doing it.

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  1. TMI? A little more detail.

    I’m overweight so I don’t cross over the thighs. My knee is the focal point in supporting my other leg and usually it’s mid calf to outer calf that connects when I cross my legs. Sometimes the pressure point is the ankle or outer ankle but since that is the surgery point I try hard to avoid those positions. I also cross at the ankles but again, it’s the surgical area and if it hurts I don’t do it. But sometimes if it’s swelled, it’s numb and I don’t feel anything when I cross them.

    All answers welcome.

  2. Metonia, I cross on the knee also, and with the splint, cast and boot, I simply put them on my knee.
    Coming out of the shower with the boot, though, I was careful not to cross my legs when drying my feet… I did everything on the tub wall and shower stool, using only my uninjured leg for support when I had the boot off. This morning was my first “no stool in shower” day… and if you are smiling at the “no stool” with your middle school funny bone, just think of how much I smile with the title of your post. LOL
    Seriously, though, I was very careful with my tendon since it did not have surgical repair, and the callus is being slowly replaced as I put weiggt on it. In your case, all the cut tissue is repairing itself, so I’d be careful for a couple of weeks, specially with our preconditions.
    Finally, if you cannot reach your toes to dry them, maybe you can put the calf over your knee… stretch out the leg and lift the foot so the calf is over the knee (I would pull my heel up on those few occasions I had to cross my legs without the boot. :-)
    Good luck! And please be safe (OMG, my adolescent brain wants to make jokes again!) LOL
    the Irreverent Manny

  3. LOL took a few seconds for my brain to slide down with you Manny. I’ve caught my brain doing the same at times. Thank you. I will try hard not to cross my legs, (hubs will be happy) lol see :-)

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