Week 2 and that “Oh shit” moment

Yesterday was week 2 with a planned doctor appointment today.  So naturally being a woman. I didn’t want to go smelling like the hubbies socks (inside joke). Since I’ve only been able to sponge bath since surgery I was determined to shower the stink off before I saw my doctor.

I’d planned this endeavor pre-op, had the shower chair, had the bricks to hold the outside legs of the chair since the tub was to narrow for the whole chair. Had hoped the wheelchair would fit through the door frame but it was a no go. With the walker and help from the hubs, I safely maneuvered onto the chair. Hubs removed my splint and dressing just in case the water dripped down my leg which I was able to keep out and up from the water of the shower.

It all worked as planned, until I tried to reattach my butt to the wheelchair. I had figured on getting the foot re-wrapped once I was back in bed… yep. I miss judged the distance to the wheelchair and went down. What was my bodies automatic response?

Yep you guessed it. Down went my bad foot trying to catch me. I landed sideways, chest/back and arm on the wheelchair with butt hanging inches above the floor. All I remember is looking at my bad foot and thinking “shit”.

What makes it even worse is, it could have been prevented with simple common sense and I’m berating both my husband’s and my own laziness.  The reason the wheelchair was just out of reach was because it was on the other side of a walk-through dog gate. The g ate is a simple wheeled pressure gate and could have easily been removed just by loosening up (unscrewing) the four  anchors and setting it aside.

I was thinking, “I fit through it to get to the bathroom, it should be easy to go out it. What I hadn’t taken into account was that my husband had moved it off to the side so he could come help me and didn’t put it back as I had it.

So there I am, dangling on the wheelchair with my bad foot at a 90 degree angle against the dog gate.. I managed to get myself back up into the chair without further pressure on my foot and thought, thank goodness it doesn’t hurt… then the pain came. An intense burning at the back of my heel,  I RICEed it after hubs re-splint it but the pain became worse, so I loosed everything up, took a pain pill and went to bed.

Today was “Stitches out day”, even though the foot was feeling better, I confessed my stupidity. Stitches were removed and doc checked the foot over.  I was able to bend it to “neutral” without pain, and she was able to move it another 2 degrees.

Good news… I didn’t do any damage with my fall and I can leave the splint off in bed. I’m to remain NWB for 2 more weeks then recheck should begin the boot. I’m to exercise the ankle often and wear the splint when I’m moving about.

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  1. I did forget to add, that 48 hours after stitches are removed I’m allowed to get my foot wet. I don’t know if it means I can start back at my aquatic maintenance program or not but I’m hoping to start it next week. I figure as long as I can keep foot safe and not bump or put weight on it I should be fine but I will double check with my doctor.

  2. Wow, Metonia! Talk about drama! But we all have foolish moments when recovering… I fell twice with the crutches, both in one hand… twice! But like you, I got away with no damage to the foot. I’m glad your Achilles tendon is fine and you are recovering well. As for the leg, why didn’t you just put it in a big garbage bag, tied and with a big rubber band pressing below where you tied it? doesn’t matter any more (Yeah !!!) but might help someone else. Right now, my doctor told me to install safety bars all over the bathroom for my safety, so we are working with the budget and I’m being extra careful when showering.
    I want to take a bath in the tub, but admit I’m still leery of getting out of the wet tub… I’ll have to do a Winnie Pooh “Think, Think, Think” exercise… LOL (yes, I’m dating myself).

    Good luck with your jacuzzi therapy, Metonia!

  3. Eek Metonia, it freaked me out just reading that! I’m really glad to hear that no damage was done. Hopefully just 2 more weeks NWB for you, I’ll be holding thumbs. All the best and take care!

  4. Thanks beanie, I just hope I’ve learnt my lesson. But I fear I’m setting my self up for more scares since I haven’t been wearing my splint since I’ve gotten home yesterday.

    My ROM was great this morning. No swelling no pain. But it’s telling me to get my butt back in bed and put it up. Sitting most of the day with it down has increased the swelling again and those stupid electrical jolts.

    I think I’ll ask hubs to help me get a picture of it for here. It was still nicely discolored yesterday when the stitches came out.

  5. hi Metonia, that’s some scary moment you had there. glad there was no harm.

    i had a similar near miss yesterday morning going up the stairs leading up to my workplace, rain and moss do not mix… i’ve done the same path countless times and about a dozen in crutches. forgot to double check the crutches grip first, put my weight on and left crutch (bad leg side) went flying upwards and forward. natural reaction (without me thinking of course) was to put bad foot down to regain balance. luckily i’m in the boot and it was only a sharp pain from the impact of heel on floor…

    thing here is, i decided to go up with crutches rather than hand on rail and one crutch.

    learned my lesson and would rather take twice as long doing things than risk again.

    keep up the good work and be happy nothing bad happened!


  6. Hi, Metonia! :-)
    This is a follow up or comment on your note to Beanie, and about your not wearing the splint… according to my orthopedist, my biggest concern should be stretching the tendon to where I will be left with a limp for life. That is why I slept in my boot when I didn’t have to, and simply did toe crunches inside the boot to ensure the foot didn’t freeze up.
    A certain degree of Range of Motion loss is normal during recovery, so i would worry about the big risks, specially in a house with dogs who are loving, cuddly, and get underfoot every time they can.
    and that, my friend, is why I think you didn’t take the door gate off the bathroom entrance - which I totally would agree with. :-)
    Maybe an office chair- a second hand one that rolls would suffice, could help you with the bathroom issue, though it isn’t as safe as the wheelchair. ;-)
    As for me, I’m recovering nicely, going up and down stairs very very slowly since I’m relearning to walk and still don’t have much strength in my calf. Tomorrow morning I will go on my first two shoes trip on the subway, but will not take my guitar! LOL

  7. Manny I don’t know why but you are the only one this system keeps putting in my pending section. I don’t think I have much ROM loss at this point. Both feet/ankles are almost equal if you don’t count the pain involved.

    I’ve been reading everyone’s post including the new arrivals, just couldn’t think of more to add to everyone’s posts or comments to posts.

    But belated welcome to all the newbies and congrats on everyone’s progress.

  8. Metonia, I seem to be having the same problem, so I try to check every day to see if there are posts needing approval, and yours showed up today. No problem though.
    As to sometimes keeping quiet because everything has been said by another of our group, yeah… it happens to me too. :-)

    Just stay safe! Manny

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