ATR on the 1st day of beach vacation

Hello Folks,

Our annual summer vacation started very nice 3 weeks ago. Visiting friends, family and it was time for our beach vacation in a nice resort in beautiful place in southwest side of Turkey called Bodrum.

1st day started great, enjoyed Turkish hamam and a massage afterwards before jumping into the blue water. It made me forget all the problems and stress I was having before the vacation. In the evening, my daughter and I started watching the Euro 2016 soccer game Turkey vs. Czech Republic. When Turkey scored the 2nd goal, I got up from my seat with joy and jumped in the air. Immediately, I felt the pain and knew that something was wrong. It was very hard to walk but made it to my hotel room.

Slept with my leg elevated and hoping that it’s just a pulled muscle but it got worse in the morning. I went to see the doctor in the resort and he broke the news to me. I was taken to the hospital where I met the orthopedic surgeon. MR was taken and my AT was a complete rupture. I was taken to the surgery room and operated on within 3 hours.

I’m trying to get used to my long cast (is this normal?) and crutches.

I’m writing this blog post as I just completed 2 weeks post surgery and getting ready to get on a plane back to US in 2 days.

I’m hoping that I can get out of this long cast as soon as possible since it’s really uncomfortable not being able to bend my knee.

I wish everyone a speedy recovery!!

2 Responses to “ATR on the 1st day of beach vacation”

  1. Past the knee is certainly not normal. That’s pretty old school. Definitely follow-up with a specialist state-side.

  2. Give us an update as to how you’re doing and if you got that cast off yet. Usually they cast you below the knee.

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