Pretty happy with where I’m at right now. Let me recap the past couple weeks.
Saw the surgeon on the 22nd of May, which I think was S+45. He said everything looked good, and I was probably about 2 weeks ahead of schedule. He noticed my frequent boot walking had compressed [...]


Well, it’s been 20 days since my last post, so I thought I would check in.
Things are going as well as I can expect them to.  I’m in the middle of a month of waiting to see the surgeon again.  I’ve noticed greater comfort on the recumbent bike, and I’m walking as normal as one [...]

Suture Removal (S+17)

So, the first week in the boot was great! So much more mobility. Started hitting the gym with my friend and working upper body.
A little pain still every morning when I first get up and the blood goes to the leg, but most days not enough that I bother with Advil. [...]

10-day post-surgery checkup

So, I got through the first week. It was uplifting to know that in 10 days, I would see the doctor, and something might happen! I was sick of the crutches, the laying on the couch, the shower boot cover, etc. I just needed progress.
I got the knee walker on [...]

Surgery Weekend!

So, I only had 2 days to prep for surgery.  I stockpiled my house with food, made plans to spend the weekend on a friend’s couch, and boarded my dogs for the weekend.
As this was all rushed, I kept worrying about the non-surgical option.  Was surgery the right choice?  I mean, it had to be, [...]

The Injury

I’ll summarize, and then you can read the details that I felt lead up to the injury. On April 5th, I had a complete rupture of my right achilles tendon. I was at the CrossFit gym, and we were doing a “fun” warmup that got too competitive, and when I hopped up from [...]

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