Pretty happy with where I’m at right now. Let me recap the past couple weeks.

Saw the surgeon on the 22nd of May, which I think was S+45. He said everything looked good, and I was probably about 2 weeks ahead of schedule. He noticed my frequent boot walking had compressed the wedges, so just decided to leave them in there.

The most important news is he said in 3 weeks, I can get into two shoes. So, I’m now less than 2 weeks from two shoes. Very excited, and a little nervous about that.

I’ve still been hitting the stationary bike at the gym out of the boot. I notice I get a little sore around 4-5 miles depending on the resistance level, so I often break my rides up into two, 4-mile segments with some lifting in between.

Memorial Day, I went to watch the Bolder Boulder. I used to do a lot of distance running, and I got frustrated and emotional watching, so left after not too long. Came home and decided to go for a long walk in the boot. Ended up doing 4 miles. Everything felt fine, and I felt a lot better mentally.

I’ve also tried some short trips of limping around out of the boot in my house. The surgeon mostly stressed not to dorsiflex past neutral, so I just make sure I don’t do that, and everything feels a little awkward, but no pain.

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  1. Glad you’re doing well and ahead of schedule!

    You might check with the doc if you can ride the stationary bike without the boot. If you have access to a recumbent bike he’s more likely to be OK with it since it is harder to dorsiflex too much on a recumbent. That’s what my doc had me do before I was 2 shoes - I could ride the recumbent bike with a shoe rather than the boot.

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