Well, it’s been 20 days since my last post, so I thought I would check in.

Things are going as well as I can expect them to.  I’m in the middle of a month of waiting to see the surgeon again.  I’ve noticed greater comfort on the recumbent bike, and I’m walking as normal as one can in a boot with 3-heel lifts in it.  My co-worker warned me that I’ll need help with my hips after a long time with unbalanced leg lengths.  haha.

The big thing right now is the boot.  It sucks to sleep in.  I really, really wish I could sleep without it, but haven’t gotten the ok yet.  I messaged the surgeon late on Friday.  Hope to hear back from him on Monday (tomorrow).

Now that I’m fairly mobile in the boot, this past week, I decided to start doing stuff again.  I’ve been going out with friends, but I’ve been neglecting the house.  This week, I picked up a month’s worth of junk in my house so I could get a house cleaner in here.  It’s heaven.  The place is so clean!  I did a ton of household chores this weekend.  Yard is spruced up and sprinkler system is back on and functional.  Fixed a leaky toilet, took care of the neglected indoor plants, desperately trying to clean my aquarium.  How do they get so dirty?

I just have to say, it feels good to be productive again!  I hope everyone suffering with this injury has a week like I had.

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  1. It sounds like you’re doing really well. It does feel great to be productive. I’ve been using only one crutch a lot of the time, and even got down to no crutches today for a short time. It’s amazing how much more you can get done when you have hands!!
    I’m anxious to get out of the boot as well. I’ve been able to sleep without it for almost 3 weeks now (surprisingly, that took some getting used to). My right hip (S.I. Joint) can take about 12 seconds of uneven leg length before it starts to protest, so I’ve been wearing a running shoe on my good foot constantly to even things up. I’ve never had to have any heel wedges in my boot, so the shoe does the trick. BUT…I hate shoes! I’m a bare foot person! I’m more anxious to be allowed to walk in 2 bare feet than in 2 shoes!
    I hope your next week is as good as this one was!

  2. I had to continue using a night splint until week 10. Not sure why - but since my recovery has gone very well so far I’m not going to second guess the reasons. :) Hard to say when you’ll get the OK for night time freedom since it varies by doctor.

    Shell - My doc won’t allow bare feet until month 4. I’m a barefoot person too! The closest I can get now are my high heel clogs - LOL! At least I can wear those with bare feet and they have enough lift with the heel angle. Of course who knows when your doc will allow bare feet.

  3. You should get Evenup for your uninjured leg. It is a platform you put on the shoe of the uninjured leg and it, as the name states, evens you up and gives you balanced gate as you walk.

  4. Thanks for the tips and info!

    Doctor got back to me today, and said I can sleep sans boot. Pretty excited.

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