10-day post-surgery checkup

So, I got through the first week. It was uplifting to know that in 10 days, I would see the doctor, and something might happen! I was sick of the crutches, the laying on the couch, the shower boot cover, etc. I just needed progress.

I got the knee walker on Tuesday (S+4). It changed my life. I went back to work on Wednesday, and everything was good. I could finally move food from kitchen to table. Crutches can suck my…

I carpooled with a friend, because I couldn’t drive with my right leg all effed up.

The rest of the week went well, but I was antsy. Monday (S+10) arrived, and it was time for my follow up. The splint was removed, everything looked golden (actually it looked bad, but not as bad as I expected) and they put me in a boot. “Weight as tolerated.” Stitches come out in one more week.

I was ecstatic! Weight as tolerated!!! The boot had a 30-degree wedge in there, but this was a game changer. I got home, saddled up to the counter where I could balance myself and slowly apply weight to the bad leg. More…more…no pain…more. I was standing on my bad leg. Full weight bearing, in the wedge-boot at 10 days with no pain! I wanted to do jumping jacks! I didn’t.

This was the high point of my recovery so far. No pain pills, even over the counter. And full weight bearing in the boot. Life had just gotten a lot better! I was psyched for my stitch removal visit in a week!

The surgeon did put a damper on my excitement, when I started talking about possibly hiking and stuff this Summer and he got serious and said, “One year. One year to full recovery.” Well, maybe this wasn’t going to be so easy after all.

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  1. Great news, I’m on the same boat as you. My surgery was on April 6, 3 weeks out and now I’m in a boot. I can start PWB and PT next week. Just like you it feel great for these for the small accomplishments.

    What kind of surgery did you have?
    I had the PARS minimum invasive surgery with fiber wires anchored to my heel. Suppose to be a stronger and faster healing….

    Thanks for your update… Happy healing….

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