Surgery Weekend!

So, I only had 2 days to prep for surgery.  I stockpiled my house with food, made plans to spend the weekend on a friend’s couch, and boarded my dogs for the weekend.

As this was all rushed, I kept worrying about the non-surgical option.  Was surgery the right choice?  I mean, it had to be, right?  All the pro athletes have surgery.  Everyone I had ever known that had ruptured their achilles had had surgery.  But I still had my doubts, and it weighed on me.  I finally reached out to some people I know that work in orthopedics, and they went through the pros and cons with me, just like the surgeon had done at my first appointment.  I finally was at ease with my decision.

Surgery day:

I’ve always been at ease with surgery.  I’ve had two surgeries, and they both went great, and all the pain and side-effects you read about never seem to happen to me.  I arrived at the center, went through the normal pre-surgery stuff, and woke up an hour later.  This was the worst my achilles would ever hurt.  The nurse gave me more pain meds in my IV and 10mg of oxycodone.  That did the trick!  I was in a plastic splint and bandage that protected me pretty well.  Obviously, I was non-weight bearing.  I got situated on my friend’s couch, with the leg elevated and ice around the top of the splint, and camped out.

At 2pm, I took another 10mg of oxycodone.  The pain wasn’t bad, but they always tell you to “stay ahead of it.”  The surgeon called at 5pm.  Everything had gone well.  He did my incision on the inside of my ankle, not right up the back.  It was an open repair.  I know there are a few different options now.  But he said the incision up the back is really outdated, so I’d recommend asking your surgeon about that before surgery.  I told him I wasn’t in much pain and didn’t think I needed too much more of the oxycodone.  Now, remember, this surgeon is a friend of mine, so he laughed and said, “Why don’t you switch to Tylenol and titrate in a beer to help?  It’s national beer day after all.”  He was right.  April 7th is national beer day!  So, I followed the doctors orders.  Felt fine the whole time, and was good to be free of prescription meds.  I hate them.

I stayed on Tylenol throughout the weekend, even though the pain was minimal.  The only time it would hurt a little bit is when I would get up from the couch and the blood would rush down into the leg.  I returned home Sunday night.

The shower chair and a cast/splint shower cover were really nice to have.  I had ordered a knee wheeler for rent from, but it wouldn’t get to me until Tuesday.

All in all, I felt like the surgery and the following weekend went very smoothly, and I was optimistic.

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