Sucking the Healing In!

When the Wound Vac was initially attached I was a skeptic. Now, with less than a week of sucking, my wound, which was about the size of a nickle and equal in depth, is virtually closed!

I see the doctor today for an official determination but from my seat I am thrilled. This has been a long process. My first physician was not as present as I needed her to be. Since the switch on September 18th I have turned the corner.

Two months of dealing with an infection is way too long. My wound  should have been cultured much sooner. My outcome is not typical by a long shot. I am more of a cautionary tale.

Not healing is not just a missed stitch or as my doctor thought, a rush to get walking too soon. Make sure any goo is cultured right away. Treatment should be with the best antibiotic for the specific bacteria.

I am now taking some other advice from this blog and starting on a high protein diet. My muscles are just too slurpy at this point. I want to be back to my normally active life.  I would imagine my favorite bar stools are missing me!

3 Responses to “Sucking the Healing In!”

  1. Mentalplanet,
    So glad you are finally getting fixed. You are quite right, sometimes you have to just throw your toys out of the pram and pound your little fists until you get what you know you need. I also found the protein recommendation very interesting. My Dad has just had a knee replacement-replacement (long story) and I’ve told Mum to shovel the good quality protein down him. Makes sense - you can’t expect your body to fight infection and regenerate tendon/skin/muscle/bone etc out of thin air (and certainly not out of hospital food!) Hang on in there, you’ll be back in the Riverdance line-up before you know it!

  2. Most interesting way to get the ATR. What is a high protein diet?

  3. Also — your favorite barstool companions are missing you too!

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