This Site and Sanity

Following my injury back in May of this year and throughout the process this site has kept me hopeful and informed.

I read the posts but hadn’t really felt like my story was any different from any other.  I didn’t think about how helpful all of the stories had been to my mind. The time line to keeping me on track. When there were pains that the doctor would kind of shrug off I would find a kindred here.

There was one pain in particular that only happened very occasionally and just seemed indescribable. It was a burning sensation that was very intense and only at night. What ever that’s about. Well, in the posts as I was scrolling through I saw “Burning sensation…” I read the question that described the pain, exactly. There were no responses. Perhaps no one else had that sensation. Just to know that even one other person, with the same injury was having a similar experience was comforting beyond words.

That person’s injury had long since healed but I knew that I was within some normal parameter. I knew that this “community” was medicine for my mind and heart.  It is full of fact and fiction. I knew that some where in between is the truth of the human experience of this healing process.

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  1. Hey mentalplanet,
    Don’t feel like you have to just watch from the side of this site. Jump in! The water’s lovely! I would be having a much rougher time of it if it weren’t for this site because I don’t know anyone who has had a full ATR so if it weren’t for this I would have no-one to compare notes with. Quite aside from the boredom alleviation of being able to see what others are getting up to. So let us know how you are doing so we can encourage/sympathise accordingly. You are so not alone!

  2. Hey man, I’m glad to hear that this site helped you so much because I am two weeks into this process and I am losing my mind.

  3. Two weeks after surgery, Im losing it. Thanks for this board. Sitting home as is the norm after injury.

  4. You all may as well kick back for the first few weeks. Do exactly as the doctors tell you to and relax. Catch up on some reading, watch some TV, call some old friends. It is a process. For a few weeks it’s best to just remain calm and take it easy.
    It doesn’t get that much better. being in a cast while it gives you more mobility it has it’s own set of problems. Good luck.
    Use this blog. There’s a lot of BS but there is plenty of great information and inspiration.

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