Me, Myself & Mr. Achilles


October 15, 2008 · 5 Comments

Yes, it's me!

Last weekend I finally got back to water. Yessssssss!!!

The waves were breaking perfectly in Zarautz on friday, about 4-6 feet, and I couldn’t wait for more to get in. I though it was more clever to try bodyboarding before going back surfing, so I left the board at home and took my flippers on. Even if my overall fit conditioning lies beneath my feet (I almost drowned a couple times), it felt great to feel the glide back. I think I will bodyboard untill january and that will be the time to start riding my 6′2” again.

No pain in the ruptured achilles so far. I am starting to run again (about half a kilometer each day), although It results really dificult to get back the good running mechanics to my feet. I am able to do several calf rises and feel the strength is coming back slowly, but I think I still will need about 3 to 5 months to get confident with my leg again.

For the newcomers I can only tell you one thing: this is a long recovery road, and you have to exercise and do your best everyday. But if you try and work it on IT GETS BETTER EVERYDAY, and I am sure IT WILL BE EVEN BETTER TOMORROW.

Keep on recovering buddies.

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Anyone back surfing?

September 4, 2008 · 16 Comments

Hi fellows,

It’s now two months since the last plaster cast came out and things are getting better and better everyday. I’ve been going to PT 5 times per week and working for almost 3 hours dayly on recovery: Ultrasounds, massage, stretching, 30 minutes of stationary bike, and calf raises and walking in the swimming pool (I think exercising in the swimming pool dayly has been one of the keys in good recovering). Good news from all of this recovery work is that I’ve almost recovered 100% dorsiflexión and no significant limp is noticed when I am walking. Lack of strenght is present but the tendon seems pretty solid in this point.

In my last Doc appoinmet I asked him if it would it be ok to go back surfing in november (six months after surgery). He said no way back to the water untill I am able to run again, and he recommended to wait even a few extra months more. So I am now thinking of starting bogieboarding in november and wait until february march to come bak surfing.

Are there any surfers betwen all the injured people there? Anybody back surfing after the rupture?

Keep on recovering buddies!

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2 Shoes: Next Challenge is… ROM (still can’t get to 90º)

July 6, 2008 · 5 Comments


After seven endless weeks finally got the cast removed last thursday. I was very nervous to see how the tendon and leg were at this point (that’s one of the big diferences betwen boots and casts, you can’t see your tendon everyday when you wear the cast), I had not seen it in almost 2 months!

After the nurse battled for five minutes with the cast and almost amputated one of my fingers with the power saw, finally the cast came off and got to see the sight: nice looking scar (about 10 cm), not too much muscle loss, not much swelling, tendon looking strong… I rapidly felt very happy to go into the next phase.

But as the doctor told me to stand on my feet, I quickly realised this isn’t over and recovery is going to be a long, long path. I have lost a lot of ROM in dorsiflexión and I can’t even put my heel in the floor when I stand (the tendón felt as tight as ever has). I have to place the right foot slightly in front of me to be able to stand. And when I try to walk I have a superlimp (I hope it will dissapear slowly trhough the next weeks).  The doctor gave me two heel insoles (2 cm each) that i will need to use for the next weeks, along with the crutches. 

Did anybody experience difficulties with ROM? How much time did you need to get the tendon back to full dorsiflexion?


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First days out of cast-boot?

June 24, 2008 · 4 Comments

Hi everyone,

I am supossed to be out of my 2nd cast and start walking in two shoes next week (6 weeks post-surgery). My doctor says I shoud start walking inmediately with the help of crutches and a pair of heel insoles inserted in my sport-shoes, but the fact is that I am a bit hesitant and a little afraid about using the tendon again. Last comments about re-ruptures (hope Dave and Chip are doing better now!) have made me scary about not having any protection (no cast or boot) around the ankle.

I would like to know how other people faced the beggining of their recovery, which where the feelings the firts days out of cast or boot and when did you start to get confident to start usin the tendon again.

Thanks for your great work Dennis and keep on recovering buddies!

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1st Cast off, stiches out, 2nd cast in till 3rd of july

June 18, 2008 · 1 Comment

Hi everyone,

Last thursday i got my first cast off (one long cast that covered my whole leg). The doctor took the stitches off (nice looking wound, it’s sligthtly sided inwards so I hope it will not give me any problems with the shoes in the future).

The doctor put another cast (just up to the knee) and I am suposed to wear it until the 3rd of july (no boot for me). If I extend my whole leg and try to dorsiflex a little I can feel the tendon tighten up ( I think that’s a good signal, at least the tendon is now jointed).

The doctor said I’ll be wearing two shoes since the day I get the cast off, and I will begin PT that same day (everything goes faster than I thought, I hope it gets better and better everyday).

The PT told me that I shouldn’t worry about my sport future, he said that in 6 months the tendon would be completly recovered and in about one year I would be a s fit as ever.

Keep recovering buddies!

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Not everything is going to be bad news…

June 5, 2008 · 2 Comments

As I wait for this awful cast to be removed and hope the doctor gives me her blessing to start PWB next week, we have decided to enlarge our family. I am proud to introduce you SUA, our little new Golden Retriever.

I’m sure she will help me a lot with recovery!

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Hello world!

June 4, 2008 · 3 Comments

Hi there,

My name is Asier Viteri (from Spain). I just snaped my right Achilles playing basketball 2 weeks ago. Got lucky and had surgery that same day. No pain so far (even when it broke). Since then I am wearing an awful cast that covers my leg up to the mid-thigh, so I can`t even bend my knee.

It encourages me so much reading other peoples coments and experiences. Hope we all get well soon. Patience for all!!!

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger - Nietzsche

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