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Mend me shop ?????

I’m sure many of us have seen these ads.  I didn’t order anything but I am intrigued the “at home” ultrasound device they are promoting.  Has anyone used this device and had good results.  I am always cynical about ordering things online that promise results.  I would take a chance but they want over $300 [...]

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I did a cartwheel !

I am 13 weeks post-op and today I felt strong and confident enough to try a cartwheel.  I was so elated that I did 5 more.  Ok, so I am bragging, but it felt fantastic.  The little milestones we achieve through all our hard work can bring us such encouragement.  It is great to hear [...]

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numbness anyone?

Hello folks!  I am a few days short of 9 weeks post-opt.  I am walking pretty good now with a little swelling still present.  The one thing I am experiencing is a numbness on top of my foot and up my ankle.  Is this normal?  I am encouraged that my flexibility in my ankle went [...]

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Massage is beneficial

Thank you to everyone who responded to my post (”I need encouragement”)  I am really starting to feel better the last few days.  My PT started doing a 15-20 minute scar massage while also manually stretching  my entire ankle.  She is doing this before and after I do all my intense stretching.  I think that [...]

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I need encouragement

I just discovered this site and this is my first post.  I am 8 weeks post-surgery and I am getting depressed.  I was an extremely active person who is stuggling with the fact that I walk like my arthritic grandmother.  I am extremely aggressive with my PT and I stretch it constantly.  It is so [...]

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Hello world!

Welcome to Achillesblog.com.
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